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Law School Admissions / Will this hurt my chances?
« on: January 01, 2014, 07:05:49 PM »
Hello ALL!

So I am 22 years old, and looking into pursuing a career as a lawyer. When I was 17 I got in trouble. TWICE. My first charge was theft by deception, and my second charge was shoplifting. Both of these are juvenile offenses.(Both in 3rd degree) Since then, I have NOT been in trouble AT ALL. I went to college, and also graduated with my Bachelors in Sociology minoring in Criminal Justice. Will my prior record hurt me from what I really want to do? I made these mistakes as a juvenile not listening to my parents and being stupid. Also, does anyone know how I can find out if this record is sealed or if it gets automatically expunged? I know it will definitely show up in law enforcement, but I am not sure if it shows up anywhere else.

Will this effect me taking the bar exam or even getting into law school?

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