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Go to professors you received the best grade in. Most students do not develop great relationship with their professors, but if you performed well in their class you can schedule a meeting to discuss why you want to enroll in law school. After a quick meeting they will likely you write a letter of recommendation as professors are interested in seeing you succeed. I would meet with professors and talk to them and remember professors are on your side and generally want to help.

Good luck
Thank you for the reply.
I actually did this and sent some mails out to the profesors who I got good grades with. I set up a meeting with one, another one told me to ust write a sample letter for him, and the last one told me that I could come meet him, but he is not sure how much help he would be considering he does not really know me.

Two questions here:
1) This sample letter, am I writing this from my own perspective? Or from his perspective. I am not sure if he wants me to write a letter that will almost be ready to be sent out or a letter where he wants me to state my case on why I would be a good fit for law school.
2) Should I follow up on this last professor? I got the highest grade in his class, but the class barely had any contact hours and it was not an interactive class. Maybe I could convince him of writing a good letter for me. Or should I just stich to the two I have and forget about this one since he does not seem all too enthusiastic?


I am a European law school student who is seeking to do a JD or a LLM in the US. Most of the requirements I see I can take care of, except one:
The letters of Recommendation.

Where I'm from, the teaching system is very impersonal. Classes are mostly just given through a straight up lecture. Teachers rarely know you by your name.
Now obviously, this seems to be a problem when I'm seeking a letter of recommendation from a few of them as they cannot really state why I am so great.

So how should I make work of this? Should I just go to the top names I have at my law school? Should I go to the teachers whose courses I did well in, even though they probably don't remember me anyway? Or should I try to find a completely different source?

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: European LLB...what now?
« on: January 17, 2014, 03:29:52 PM »
Thank you very much for your informative post, it helped a lot.

I have a question though:
In your post you say that a good school for internationa law is important. I will obviously try to get into the top schools, but I thin kit is more likely I get into schools which are not T14. I think it is most likely I get into schools around the level of UIUC and UConn. Do you think these schools are still high enough in the rankings for my personal case?

Choosing the Right Law School / European LLB...what now?
« on: December 29, 2013, 12:08:36 PM »
Hello everybody,

I am an American citizen with dual citizenship who is scheduled to receive his degree in International and European LLB this school year. However, my aim has always been to work in the US, with Canada being my second choice. I would also accept some Western European countries (England, France, Switszerland) but the US is my clear top choice. I would like to work in some kind of position which involves international law, whether it is in a public function or in a private company. A organization like the UN or another IGO would probably be my preferred choice however.
My question now is, how to accomplish this. I am aware that doing a JD would probably be the best course of action, but I am unsure if I would get accepted (I have a 7/10, unsure how this would convert in GPA) and I am unsure if I could fund such an endeavour.
I've thought about a US LLM as well, as this would give me the chance to take the bar. I am unsure however if taking the bar is necessary if I want to work in international law. Anybody know the answer to this? Also, I am unsure if my GPA is high enough.
My last thought was to just do a LLM in Europe and then look to the US for perhaps future education. But again, I am unsure how much this would help me in finding a legal job.

I hope someone can help, if I need to clarify something, just ask away!

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