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Studying and Exam Taking / Re: Grades????
« on: December 23, 2005, 08:43:35 PM »
4 Feb is the rumor at Samford (Cumberland).

 It will be good study with some folks who we sort of already know.

I won't get back to Birmingham until the 8th! That only gives me a week AAAAARRRGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!

I only get one more full paycheck from the Army AAAAARRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, feeling better now, going to the pool, must read "Getting to Maybe", maybe.

Getting dumber by the minute, need beer.

Must go now.


Thanks for the info, I too am looking at the 6000. I'm trying to wait until the last minute holding out for any additional coupons I might be able to find, I think as long as I order it by the 22nd, I should be able to get it before class starts.

Because we have to get a floppy drive I decided to go with an external USB floppy drive. They can be found for under $50 and it won't be soaking up heat when you don't need it, which will probably only be around exam time.

 Thanks for the info. I think I'll end up going with the 600m also. How long did it take for Dell to ship it to you?

 Thanks for the info, I was looking at both the 600m and the 6000. I'm not very laptop smart so I feel like a pig looking at a clock. I figure I'll only be using it for school so I don't need one that will run the international space station.

BTW, I will get back to Texas, I just don't know how soon. It all depends on how well I do here at Samford my first year. It seems to be a nice place with nice folks, but my heart is in Texas, I just wish my ass was there also  ;D


Hey there Auburn,
Thanks for the laptop info. Did you go through the Dell website? I was looking around and it seems to be about the only place to get a Dell. About how long is you battery life? I would hate to be in the middle of class and have it die on on me >:( Also were you able to get any of those magical discounts I keep hearing about? Thanks again,

Hey Guys, (non-gender specific  ;D)

Sam and I got a place this past weekend at Colonial Grand Galleria, it's about 15-20 minutes from school next to the big Glaaeria mall. Pretty nice place 1500 square feet, so, the LSD party is back on at my place if we are all up to it. I went and saw the campus for the first time on Wed. I met GiGi, I think she works somewhere in admissions, she was very nice.

My schedule is:

Civ Pro- Cole
Contracts- Stone
Crim Law- Brown
LR- Baggett
Torts- Nelson

I saw some of us have the same profs, but I figure they are at different times.

Has anyone jumped off the deep end and bought a laptop yet? I am still looking and can't make up my mind. I will only be using it for class, not really games and stuff. Any suggestions?


General board for soon-to-be 1Ls / Re: How many of you are over 30?
« on: June 15, 2005, 01:11:53 PM »
31 and I'm not worried about it. I figure about 1/3 of kids comming out of undergrad are going to Law School because they don't know what to do with their PoliSci (insert any other soft major here) degree. At least we older folks know we want to be in school and are taking a big chance with family and career to make it happen. I don't know about socially, but on the academic side I think we might are at least on par if not a little bit ahead when it comes to our studies.

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