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Choosing the Right Law School / Seattle v. Gonzaga ($) v. Dayton ($$)
« on: February 28, 2011, 04:30:06 PM »
I'm posting this one on behalf of a friend and wanted to pass on any input you all have on to her.

Admitted to Seattle U (no money), Gonzaga w/ $7,500 a year, and Dayton w/ $16,000 a year.

Gonzaga scholarship is based on keeping a 2.75 GPA w/ a 2.86 1L median. Dayton requires her  :-Xto stay in the top 40%.

Wildcard is that she really is not sure how she wants to use her JD. Former active duty Army Military Intelligence officer, now reserve and working as an intel contractor. Primary goal is to return to the Army as a JAG, but may have an injury that will result in that not being possible. Secondary goals are all non-BigLaw oriented but BigFedGovt is on the radar along with state/local govt as a DA. May also pursue in-house work with intel contractors.

Significant cash savings will allow her to pay for almost all of her JD out of pocket but is a bit risk adverse to spending her entire savings on a law degree. No connection to the Dayton or Ohio area, just somewhere she got in with a lot of money. Regionally wants to end up either in Alaska or Washington State.

Thanks in advance LSDers.     

Job Search / Re: Getting a Job with the Federal goverment
« on: January 03, 2011, 06:06:32 AM »
I'm an active duty Air Force JAG in my third year.

TLS has a huge JAG thread that is worth reading:

There is also a great AF specific thread on AirForceOTS but it requires registration.

Hey all. I just graduated from January (09-02) COT and am currently in JASOC. Just thought I would post and say hello and see if I could be of any help.

I would recommend checking out the forums and especially the COT and JAG threads.

I'll be headed to Nellis AFB (Las Vegas, #5 on my CONUS dream sheet bases) once I graduate from JASOC in April.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Where is a good school to go for JAG?
« on: December 14, 2008, 11:42:19 AM »
I'm active duty with Air Force JAG. I cannot speak in regard to the Army or Marine Corps but AF and Navy JAG are incredibly difficult to get into. The Direct Appointment selection rate for AF JAG is 7%-11% annually.

It is difficult to set out exactly what makes for a competitive JAG applicant. The JAG branches obviously look at different criteria in their applicants than BigLaw. Grades and all the other academic activities (law review, moot court, etc) matter. The rank of the law school does not seem to make that much of a difference. The two bases I have worked at have JAGs from T14 through T4. Being at a T14 will not write your ticket for you the way it will in BigLaw. No Staff Judge Advocate (SJA, the colonel that runs each base's legal office) will be impressed with the JD on your wall. The flipside is that if you are at a TTT, you are not out of the running.  For consideration, I was a T25 grad, top 1/3rd of the class, moot court team, secondary journal editor.

Being a commissioned officer in any branch is an incredibly big deal and is always highly competitive. Don't fool yourself into thinking that enlisting in the Army is same as earning a commission.

Current Law Students / Re: Interesting Courses v. Bar-Preparation Courses
« on: December 03, 2008, 08:35:02 PM »
It all depends.  If you go to a top 20 law school and you're not in the bottom 20% of the class.  Take what's fun and interesting.  If you go to a Tier 2, 3, 4, and you're in the bottom 1/3 of the class, take as many bar classes as you can.   

There are about 20 bar exam subjects and you have only about three months to master them all.  I would be helpful if you have taken a full semester for certain subjects, especially evidence. 
I self studied 1-week for the bar.  I passed comfortably.

I call bull on the 1 week studying. There is no way that is sufficient. Colorado has an 81% pass rate for 1st time takers in July, not exactly an easy jurisdiction.

Current Law Students / Re: Interesting Courses v. Bar-Preparation Courses
« on: November 29, 2008, 11:08:41 AM »
I was asking this exact same question heading into my 2L and I got the advice to pursue the fun/easy A/interesting courses. I followed it and it ended up being a great decision. It allowed me to graduate with a high GPA (seminars with papers instead of getting pwn3d in a 4 hour commercial paper class) and Bar/Bri truly does give you everything you need for the bar.

Bar/Bri earns their money, in my opinion, by emphasizing what is testable for the Bar and what is not. Professors, on the other hand, like to play on the fringes, stuff that is academically but not practically useful. Taking law school classes on bar subjects will give you the general exposure to these concepts but most of your time will be learning principles that will do no good or will give you way too much information. Classes I took like Corporations would spend weeks on a subject like the business judgment rule, fleshing out all of the nuances and policy. For the bar, you simply need to be able to recognize the BJR as an issue and determine if it applies. 2-3 sentences max.

I was initially terrified of running into Commercial Paper or Secured Transactions on the bar, as I had never seen these in law school. Comm Paper did end up showing on the exam and I felt like knocked the question out of the park; I knew more than enough of all the relevant stuff, no wasted effort.

In all, I graduated with honors thanks to the easy classes, still passed the bar, and have no regrets with taking that path.

I hope this is flame. If you want to work in Miami, go to UMiami. If you want to work in Chicago, go to Kent. Both are regional/local law schools.

CIA, FBI. Also Army and Air Force JAG offer civilian internships.

Current Law Students / Re: JAG - Info wanted!
« on: October 15, 2008, 08:59:20 AM »
I haven't seen anyone really say this point blank, so I will:

You will most likely end up in Iraq. In Amy JAG, it will likely happen twice during your 4 year commitment.

I really considered this. I was sold on the program for a while, but when I thought of being in Iraq and away from wife for 30 months out of the first 48 months of my career, I had to pass.

I would be sure to distinguish Army from AF/Navy in respect to this.

With Army JAG, you will absolutely deploy for potentially 2 12 month tours. It is scaling back a bit, but not by much from what I have gleaned from my friends on active duty. Afghanistan is quickly becoming the more likely destination for the newly commissioned JAGs.

Navy will stick you with 6-9 month ship tour. What this entails will depend on the ship to which you are assigned and a variety of other factors.

Air Force has typically been only 4 month tours since the War on Terror commenced, though I'm sure there are plenty of individual Airmen who served longer. The AF JAGs I know personally served both in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Current Law Students / Re: JAG - Info wanted!
« on: October 14, 2008, 09:59:32 PM »
CoxlessPair, or anyone that can answer-

What was the application process like for the AF GLP program? How was ROTC in lawschool, where did you go to lawschool and how did you do? (if you don't mind). 

My father is an active duty Col. in the AF and I have been somewhat rebelious until recently regarding the whole military thing. I understand the lifestyle and I know the sacrifices, but I see them a little differently than most would; as I have already dealt with most of them growing up. 

An earlier post on this thread said that the GLP only had a 20% acceptance rate, to your knowledge is this true and if I want to be a realistic in my GLP aspirations do I need to smoke the LSAT and go to a top50 Law School?

I went through the Direct Appointment program, not the GLP. Sadly I do not know anyone at my law school who went with the GLP. If GLP has a 20% acceptance rate, that is still much better than the Direct Appointment program, which ranges from only 7%-12%. I would give JAX a call at 800-JAG-USAF and talk to whoever handles the GLP.

If GLP is anything like DA, don't feel it is T1 or bust with law schools. The base I spent my 2L at ranged from T-14ers through T4. You will be slightly limited in law school selections in that you will need a school with a ROTC detachment (or one close by).

I'm happy to talk my stats/law school with you, just send me a PM.

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