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Online Law Schools / Re: Mid-Atlantic School of Law
« on: May 04, 2015, 04:09:11 PM »
Re: Mid-Atlantic School of Law - Earned my JD from MASL in 2013.  Started at age 63 and finished at age 67.  Never intended to take the BAR EXAM. Learned a lot and in fact, have litigated cases in both local circuit, federal courts and appeals in both courts as a Pro Se litigant.  If I were a teacher, the method used at MASL is what I would use.  You have to read the entire book before you can outline it.  Then you have to go through the book again to outline it.  Then you have to submit a 1500 word composition on the subject.  The curriculum is the SAME as it it in a brick and mortar school and once you read the book on each subject, re-read it to outline it, type the outline, and then research a 1500 word composition on the subject, I guarantee you that you have LEARNED that subject, PLUS you always have an outline to go back to.  People who attend brick and mortar schools do not retain all the information they are taught.  It's impossible unless they use it day in and day out and most lawyers use law clerks or paralegals to do all their research, brief writing, etc.  All the lawyer does is litigate the case in court which is the one and only thing an MASL graduate can't do.  Well worth the time and especially the money.  Why would I want  to spend a couple hundred thousand dollars to learn the law when I'm not even going to practice. However that last statement is not even true.  Anyone can practice in court.  I've been a pro se litigant for myself five times in court. on civil law suits and on those that were dismissed without prejudice, I filed appeals on.  Once you've learned the basics of each legal subject (civil procedure for example) you can take if as far as you want.  Great program and very satisfied with my results.

Online Law Schools / Re: What is the cheapest online law school?
« on: January 26, 2015, 10:06:47 PM »
Mid Atlantic School of Law.  I checked with Concord.  Tuition is a whole bunch more than Mid Atlantic and they (Concord) uses the same law books and same process.   You WILL NOT be able to take the BAR but you certainly will learn the law.  You have three years to complete the program.  Fifteen courses - twelve required that cover all the relevant classes that you would take in a brick and mortar school, and then you choose three electives.  Fifteen classes altogether.  I completed the program and I have been involved in several cases of my own (Pro Se).   Anyone can file a claim (civil or criminal).  Civil is much different and a brief and all the document filings are all required.  You do the same thing as a licensed lawyer except you cannot represent a client I court because you will not be licensed.  The day IS coming when on-line degrees will be accepted for the BAR exam.  It's just a matter of time.  Recall back when students first start taking college courses on line and the brick and mortar school students laughed and said that the on-liners aren't getting REAL degrees.  Well, times have changed.  Many, Many more people are attending on line schools and getting certified, REAL degrees.. These are working people who have families and like you, can't afford the time or the money to go to a regular school.  Believe me, I  am confident I could take the BAR with my on line education and pass it (eventually).  Even some Harvard graduates do not pass the bar on the first attempt.  In fact, I would say a good majority don't.  On line education in all disciplines is the thing of the future.  Hell, who can afford to go to college?  Going to a brick and mortar law school can cost you in the hundreds of thousands and FOR WHAT!  The same education you get by studying and learning at home and just applying yourself.

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