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Current Law Students / Re: Depression
« on: December 31, 2004, 05:13:33 PM »
true.  all true.  and speaking of rhythm, i'd like to further add:  don't forget to masturbate.  cause yer screwed if ya start f-ing one a yer classmates...

Current Law Students / Re: Transferred Intent
« on: December 28, 2004, 11:47:44 PM »
not that cut n' dried, y'all.  no transferred intent for voluntary manslaughter, for instance.  like say one a you non-drivin' mothafuckas runs up on the sidewalk while yackin on yer goddamn cellphone and rolls over, let's say, mike tyson's momma.  an innocent citizen observes the incident and makes the bad mistake of trying to intervene whilst this enraged no-neck havin' ear-savorin' beast slowly approaches your smashed automobile, in drooling full-metal jacket mode, to snatch the life outcha ass.  the intervening dumbass runs up on mike t, knowing full well he's about ta pull yer chitlins outcha dirty brown doughnut, to try to calm him down, to prevent the bloodshed.  38 seconds later, he's a stain on the sidewalk, and mike t goes down for the full-on murder rap, no voluntary manslaughter plea available cause there ain't no transferred intent for such *&^%.

nah, i paddled some serious asscheeks on the finals.  no doubt.  only one thing confuses me.  wtf was that "addendum" thing they put on almost every exam?  couldn't figure that *&^% out, didn't know wtf to do with that thang...

Current Law Students / Re: Does this annoy anyone else?
« on: December 17, 2004, 04:29:48 PM »
ha!  ain't outa law school yet and yer all assholizin' quite nicely.  excellent.  i'm proud of you all, my dearest comrades.  within a year or so you should be completely unfuckingloveable.  by the time yer hired associates, you'll be getting kicks running over small dogs in the street with the polished suv on the way home from the office, lol...

Current Law Students / Re: Asking questions in class.
« on: October 29, 2004, 11:16:06 PM »
lol... and yet your reputation rating didn't go down with that last post.  see?  the *&^% is confusing and strange...

i wanna know how to f**ck up so i can rack up some points in this piece...

and gimme dat kill switch, i wanna see some @#!*, wtf...

Current Law Students / showing that ass...
« on: October 29, 2004, 10:41:12 PM »

Current Law Students / Re: Asking questions in class.
« on: October 29, 2004, 10:29:38 PM »

how come no uncensored flavor in this piece?  they got a kill switch for this shizzy over in pre-law.  am i to presume i'm hanging with the thurston howell/grey poupon set over here?  just cause we made it to school?  but that's craze.  i've become more cynical and obnoxious since entering law school...

secondly, what's up with the new reputation ratings?  negative and positive?  and what could a zero score infer?  that you haven't posted anything?  or that, as opposed to assness or positive influence, you are simply a completely useless presence?  this is some interesting and hilarious *&^%, lol...

Current Law Students / Re: Asking questions in class.
« on: October 29, 2004, 08:09:47 PM »
it makes me nervous to sit in the crowded lecture hall.  it wasn't always that way.  when i first got here, there was no shame.  there was only the competition.  i was on my mark.  i was ready to shine.  and i did shine.  i said something once that made 60 plus people simultaneously swivel their domes in my direction like a scene out of invasion of the body snatchers.  the prof rewarded my observation with a verbal clap on the back, and i trotted away with this biscuit in my mouth like a sassy fancy poodle with painted toenails.  a swaggering man-female dog.  i peacocked in the elevators for a few days.  fanned my tail.

yet, less than a week later, i was the subject of the most uproarious laughter.  i had the entire class laughing at my ass.  laughing at, not laughing with.  everybody except the prof, who'd no doubt witnessed this classic turnabout innumerable times, every year he'd been teaching.  he smiled openly, but the scene wasn't funny enough to make him laugh out loud.  i was the shaved billygoat hee-hawing in the middle of the drum circle.  wearing diapers.  he'd seen it a million f-ing times, no doubt.  he'd probably placed a mental bet on the date i'd show my assness, lol.  yet, check this:  so ignorant was i of the sheer idiocy of my mulish assbray, that it took me a few minutes to even figure out why mugs were suddenly laughing at me, lol...

This thread is obvious punani bait.  Notice no females are f-ing with it.  Why?  Cause men, some men, as you say, are too mothafuckin predictable, lol...

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Past Sexual Partners of SO
« on: January 09, 2005, 07:33:34 AM »
christ.  i've gotten laid twice, and have jacked off about six times since this thread got started, lol...

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