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How easily can the pencil marks be erased and not seen? (Dark or light marks?)  Would you consider $20,including shipping, for The Next 10, Actual Official LSAT PrepTests and Superprep - and I'll do my own erasing to save you the time and trouble? If so, how soon could you ship, from where and what method?  I need to know how long it would take to get them.  I live in Vancouver, Washington - 98683.

I see that you've had no replies posted and wondered if you would be interested in selling any of your prep tests for a good price. Let me know! I'm also studying for the October LSAT.

Book sales, auctions, trades, etc. / Re: LSAT Materials 4 Sale
« on: August 03, 2004, 12:06:47 PM »
What's a good deal?  I'm interested, but may not be able to come close to affording your price. 

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