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I basically agree with everything Mike said, and I'm really excited about the directions that next year's co-presidents will take the group.  I'm not really checking LSD much anymore (I started work this week), but feel free to send me an email if you have any specific questions or want to hear personal anecdotes. 

Congrats on Harvard, Ersatz!  Absy (and, to some extent, lyquidmyrrrh) are probably more qualified to talk about the LGBT atmosphere at Harvard, but I'll throw in my two cents.  Harvard seems to be a pretty great place to be gay.  I brought my bf to the admit weekend, and didn't feel awkward at all.  One of the faculty-guided discussions addressed the constitutionality of gay marriage and domestic partnership benefits, and the whole crowd seemed really progressive and pro-gay rights.  The Lambda Law group seems to have a pretty strong presence on campus, and they have a pretty large membership.  And, of course, Boston/Cambridge is a pretty gay-friendly city.  It's not quite as gay at the SF Bay Area, but close.

Good luck on your decision!

Thanks, Mike - I'm definitely glad to hear you say that. Appreciate your response! Absy / lyquidmyrrh, if you guys are around, I'd love to hear from you as well.

It was nice meeting you as well.  And thanks for the information.  I signed up for the list, and I'm going to the event on Wednesday.  Maybe I'll see you around this summer.

I'll be working for Heller Ehrman in SF, then heading back to LeBoeuf Lamb in NY (firm from last summer).  But the thing I love talking about is that I'm taking next year off to travel.  I'm really looking forward to the next year or so.

I went to LavLaw the past two years, and it's a fun time.  My 1L year it was in late October, so there wasn't the same concern about 1Ls going at the beginning of the year.  As for 1Ls talking with employers, it varies from school to school about how they interpret the restriction.  Some schools forbid their 1Ls from going to the job fair portion.  I went to get information and just couldn't give out resumes.  I've networked with several attorneys I've stayed in touch with.

As for 2L year, HLS does OCI late, so it comes before our interviews.  A lot of the firms are more focused on giving out information, but they do give some callbacks from the job fair. 

The rest of the conference is great too.  My 1L year it was in San Diego, and I think it snowed in Boston while I was gone.  I was poolside with a margarita.

I know that this past year, our dean of students wouldn't let us take 1Ls because it was the first weekend of classes.  Well, they wouldn't pay for 1Ls to go; I'm sure they could have gone on their own.  The date move was a good idea for the 2Ls who are looking to get something out of the job fair.

hehe, I'll see what I can do.  I don't fully understand their process, but it does seem like things are dragging a bit right now (partly because they've been really busy preparing the admit weekends).  you've already got a great option with Penn, so it's hard to fret too much, right?

Absy:  Gotcha.  For a second, I was like, "Who in hell is this guy?"  Now I remember.  Don't be too upset: I was slightly drunk :-).  Well, here's a crazy idea that just might work.  You go tell T.Stock that you need more theatre gays (for diversity's sake--you know, all the gays there are boring, vanilla, etc :-)), then direct him to my post, and we're sure to get in, no problem!  We'd love to have HLS as an option, but we're really expecting a rejection or waitlist sometime soon.   It's taking FOREVER there. 

Sorry MaroonBerry!  When you think of me, and I know you won't, but if you do, (long, dramatic pause)--think of me fondly  :'(.

Way to represent, Contiki!  Penn is WAY gayer than Mich!  They put on an actual musical every year.  Last year, it was Into the Woods.   :P

I hope you get into HLS.  We could use some more theater gays.  (Last year, our fall musical was The Wild Party.) (I'm the guy who was randomly in Philly during Penn's admit days.)

We have about 80 students on our listserv, and I'd say about 30 who generally will come to events.  (I'm really bad at estimating though.)  For women, we only really had about 4 or 5 in the 2L and 3L class, but there are 6 or so in the 1L class and there seem to be a number of admits.  The L/G gender gap is something the admissions office is keeping an eye on now.

I just feel like there are so many benefits to being gay at HLS.  You combine the advantages of having a large student body with the closeness of a smaller community.  Several firms are specifically interested in recruiting LGBT Harvard students.  Our regular mixers give us a chance to build friendships among other grad schools.  And now that Lambda is extremely well funded, we get to do a lot of fun stuff.

I wouldn't worry too much about the tour guide's comment.  I've actually felt like law as a field was kind of an old boy's club, but being at HLS meant that you were automatically an old boy/girl.  Does that make sense?

I assume you're asking if, among LGBT students, it's a friendly environment.  (If you're asking if it's an LGBT-friendly environment then HLS, Cambridge, and Massachusetts are all extremely LGBT-friendly.  I can give specifics if you'd like.)  We have both enough students total and a high enough percentage in order to have a vibrant LGBT community.  Some people decide to get involved in Lambda and others decide not to, but people are by and large quite friendly.  Judging from the first admit weekend, there are some great people coming in next year as well.

We do a tremendous number of events both politically/educationally and socially.  You can see info on that here:  The incoming co-presidents have some great ideas, and I think things will only get better in that regard.

If you had asked me the dating question a year or so ago, you'd get a different answer.  But we've worked with the admissions office on this cycle and last cycle, and and we have a growing number of women.  We've also been stepping up mixer events with other grad schools.  Two of our female officers entered relationships this year.  If you PM me, I'll put you in touch with one of them (since their perspective is much more apt than mine).

I really believe that, more than just being accepted and stuff, being gay has enriched my experience at HLS. 

resident HLS troll reporting.  any specifics you'd like to hear about?

Law School Admissions / Re: Which school is the biggest numbers slut?
« on: April 11, 2007, 10:09:44 AM »
four lies.  557/199 = 2.8

that's pretty far from "4 times as large"

All schools claim to look beyond the numbers, but not all schools look beyond the numbers.

I talked to a Yale admissions officer at a YLS prospective talk over the weekend and he said Yale accepts more kids with less than a 171, more kids with less than a 169, and more kids with less than a 165 than Harvard does (depsite Harvard's class being nearly 4 times as large).

That's at least one, probably two, and most likely three lies that you were told.

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