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Law School Admissions / Re: Top Part Time Programs
« on: August 23, 2008, 09:09:58 PM »
there's only one PT program worth going to and that's GULC

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Help - Notre Dame v. UC Hastings?
« on: August 16, 2008, 09:51:59 PM »
tough one. you need top 1/3 or higher to get really good jobs from both.

and in case you're wondering, ND is not truly national like a lot of trolls may claim. sure, a good number of students go to places like NY and CA but i've heard from my ND friends that a lot of those are working in small firms. that also seems to be the case when you search for ND grads in lawyer directories. while ND has good lay prestige, you need to have very good grades to get biglaw outside of the midwest.

D.C. is a tough market to crack for everybody. i know people from Hastings and ND who got good jobs in D.C. but they were all top students. GULC even has some difficulty with the D.C. market

Alright, first update is done.

The CDO is not showing the quantities in each office, but fortunately I have downloaded each sheet - so I can track when each was added, etc.  BUT there is going to be a certain level of inaccuracy (and I am dumping the people I can not figure out in "other firm jobs", right now I can not figure out 3 of the employers).  It is more likely they are in one of the biglaw offices, but I my PM box will be better served with this method.

As of (4/10)

114 students have responded - 230 in the class - ~50% of the class

Of the 114 that have responded:

56 have BIGLAW/market
12 are clerking at the federal level - 9 D, 3 COA
6 are clerking in other courts
9 are in public interest/gov
31 other firm jobs - 3 of these are solopractice (I have also lumped the "business" jobs into this category, as I don't know the pay scale)

(I will do percentages once we get a greater representation of the class)

Geographic Representation:

22 - NOLA
19 - Texas
15 - NYC
11 - non-NOLA Louisiana
6 - Georgia - all ATL
6 - DC
6 - California
3 - Alabama
3 (4) - International - Paris, Istanbul, Australia (Puerto Rico)
2 - Tennessee
2 - Missouri
1 - Florida
1 - Colorado
1 - Connecticut
1 - Minnesota
1 - West Virginia
1 - Oregon
1 - Arizona
1 - Nevada
1 - Massachusetts
1 - Nebraska
1 - North Carolina
1 - Vermont
1 - Pennsylvania

5 - don't know - almost definitely in the top groups

I waited for the Class of 08 surveys so I could get everyone fresh/accurate data.  I will be updating it as the surveys come in - last year nearly every student submitted their information - but it, understandably, took quite a while for it to be finished.

if what you're saying is true, then tulane's placement is pretty good. with 30% in biglaw and federal clerkships so far, i'm surprised it's not ranked higher. this is one of the many examples for pre-law kids that you can't completely depend on the US News Rankings.

imagine some guy picking a higher ranked school like University of Alabama over Tulane for biglaw? what a disaster...

Current Law Students / Re: T20 in Major City Needs Some Guidance
« on: August 16, 2008, 05:39:11 PM »
sounds like the OP goes to GW. with your class rank, you should have been prepared for this. there are T14 kids near median that don't get these $100,000+ jobs, so what makes you think going to a "T20" will make it any different?

just suck it up and keep trying. there are third tier law students out there dying to get any job

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Just got off Vandy's waitlist
« on: July 21, 2008, 08:57:01 PM »
while Vandy is a good school and arguably one of the best outside of the T14, i'd go with W&L (with $20k/year) if you want to work in DC, VA, Maryland, or nearby southern states. for some reason, W&L students seem like they enjoyed law school (really rare). plus, their alums hire from their own school VERY often

I don't know the comparisons to W&M but W&L does fantastic in DC. It's anecdotal rather than based on statistical evidence but I know a large number of 3Ls go on to work in DC, and quite a few get jobs through the great alumni connections W&L has in the capital.

interesting. everybody i know from W&L was able to get DC biglaw or prestigious clerkships too. plus, they all had positive things to say about the school. maybe it's the smaller class size and collegial atmosphere. who knows.

Hey all,

I was accepted off a bunch of waitlists the past few days after I retook the LSAT and improved.  Every point counts.  Anyways, I was accepted to W&M, Notre Dame, and Wash U and I have two days to decide!  I figured some advice here could help since I'm really doing this on the fly.  I know the costs, housing situations, career placements, and reputation.  However, the subjective information can be just as important.  Let me know what you think.

Here's my breakdown:  (BTW, I am looking at international law and figure I need to go biglaw out of ls to pay off debt)

+Least expensive (in-state tuition+scholly)
+Places well in D.C.
+Pleasant location
+Updated building
-Ranking is lower
-Career placement outside of VA and D.C.

Notre Dame:
+International law program
+Campus and new law building
+More conservative atmosphere (4 years of mardi gras can get tiring and expensive)
+Alumni (networking possibilities)
-Above average placement, but no place it excels
-More expensive than W&M (Scholly, but not as much and tuition is higher)

Wash U:
+St.Louis=Sports and more to do around the city
+Transnational law program
-Most expensive (scholly, but less than ND and tuition is even higher)
-Placement doesn't seem better than ND and less firms in OCI
-Chicago may be the only place I might want to practice in the mid-west

At the moment, I'd say I'm between ND and W&M, but I may change my mind to Wash U like I seem to be doing every 10 minutes or so.

Hope to all you fellow waitlisters out there!  Thanks ahead of time for any advice.

*UVA, please let me in*

based off of your LSN, i think it should go something like this: UVA (if you get off the WL) > W&M (instate + $$) or ND ($$) > WUSTL ($$) > GW (if you get off the WL and if you do, they probably won't give you much money...maybe even no money).

i'd go with ND ($$) or W&M ($$)

with the scholarships from ND and W&M (instate), you can forget the rest

edit: the reason why i put ND ($$) above WUSTL ($$) is because of cost. other than that, it's pretty much a coin flip like the poster above said.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: GW or UT
« on: June 26, 2008, 08:17:57 PM »
i remember UT having a regional fair in DC, so getting a DC job shouldn't be a problem.

GW and UT actually participate in some regional fairs together along with Cornell, Northwestern, BC, and BU.

i was told by my 2L friends who participated in some of them that Cornell, NW, and UT got the biggest pieces of the pie

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: GW or UT
« on: June 26, 2008, 07:19:11 PM »
I see no good reason why this thread has to turn nasty.

I disagree that GW places better than UT in NYC.  I think they do have an advantage in DC though.

i'll agree with CLS Troll and say that GW does not place better than UT in NYC. i also agree that GW has an advantage in DC because there are many GW alums in the area. although many people say GW's alumni give you the finger, it's still better than nothing and they (like all alums) will hire from their own school if they had to choose between two similar candidates.

i think it may come down to cost for the OP and if money isn't an issue, then probably GW if you are set on DC. if money is a consideration, you'd be a fool to turn down UT.

based on my experience at GW, i think you should pick BU.

GW has too many law students and the facilities get crammed often. there are a lot of gunners but that's a given because DC biglaw is competitive.

even though BU is next to Harvard, the gap is so large that they aren't going head-to-head very often. the relationship between GULC & GW is different and for some reason, people love to compare GW and GULC. is it because our name also starts with George and it makes us look like wannabees? who knows. the fact is that we were always in GULC's shadow and always will be.

if you have no scholarship at GW, i don't recommend it over BU. if you aren't IP, i especially don't recommend it over BU. people don't realize that nearly half of the people with biglaw from GW are IP. i don't think that's the case for BU. you will get more collegial classmates at BU and a better student to teacher ratio.

oh yeah and i found it annoying that everybody confused GW with Georgetown, even when i visited the south. it was much worse in other places because nobody ever heard of it.

i will say that if you are interested in federal gov jobs in DC that GW is the place to go. they are great for that and i don't think BU can compare in that respect.

i don't want to sound like a downer but i thought i'd give you my experience at GW. when i was deciding, a lot of kool-aid drinking posters gave me the wrong advice. i'm at another school now and i'm having a blast.

PM me if you have any more questions.

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