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Downward trend, most likely out of the T14 by 2010.   :P

I thought George Mason would have moved up?  Interesting.

Some IP bans would be awesome right about now!

Admin, IP ban would be appropriate here.

Are you serious? Put down the baton, e-officer.

It was joke, stop taking yourself so seriously.

Admin, IP ban would be appropriate here.

Although the home equity/student loan payoff/bankruptcy plan sounds promising, I can't imagine what lender would extend further credit to a recent graduate whose debt obligations already exceed $400,000. Taking on a low-paying public interest job, claiming a hardship deferment, and waiting for the federal LRAP to kick in after ten years may be something to consider if you can't land an extremely well paying job after graduation.

Many sub-prime lenders authorized loans to potential customers that couldn't afford the loan terms or shouldn't have qualified in the first place.  But, lending standards are surprisingly getting tougher.  Who knew that a massive number of borrowers would default, because they couldn't afford the loan in the first place?  Hindsight is 20/20 I guess.

Reminds me of making the band, that episode where Diddy went out and recruited a whole new crop of guys even though almost all the beds in the house were filled.  He didn't add anymore beds, instead he made everyone compete for the same number of beds as before.

Go to Vandy, after graduation get an expensive home and take out a second and third mortgage for home improvement.  Use the second and third mortgage to pay off your student loans instead of home improvement.  Then, declare bankruptcy.  Sure your credit will suck, but then you can short sale your home to a sibling until your credit recovers.  You get your debt forgiven and eventually your home below market value.  It's a win-win.  ;)

Law School Admissions / Re: Application Procrastination
« on: March 09, 2008, 07:38:36 AM »
Seems like a waste of money.  With application volumes as high as they are at some schools and the fact that many schools become very conservative with their acceptance offers after March 1st, getting accepted at this point in time (unless you have premium auto-admit numbers) is probably very unlikely.

Law School Admissions / Re: Age Old Question
« on: March 07, 2008, 07:52:29 PM »
Without money: GT part-time, transfer to full-time status after first semester.

With money (full-ride): GW full-time, transfer to Georgetown after first year. T14 or die, amirite?

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