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Current Law Students / Re: law school depression
« on: October 06, 2006, 03:59:40 AM »
Among the many depressing aspects of the downfall of Mark Foley -- who has now done the inevitable check-into-rehab thing -- is that a number of young people could have blown the whistle on this deceptive congressman in recent years, but didn't. The Washington Post tracked down a couple of them. Former page Patrick McDonald said that at a 2003 reunion he learned of sexual messages that Foley sent three or four ex-classmates and thought, "if this gets out, it will destroy him."

Matthew Loraditch says he has known for years about the "creepy" messages the Florida Republican sent three of his 2002 classmates. But no one wanted to come forward. "You take down a Congress member, and you can't end up trying to do something later," Loraditch said. Now I don't want to come down on 16-year-old kids (though some are now as old as 21) who must have been intimidated by the whole thing. Indeed, the power imbalance between a big-shot member of Congress and a lowly page is part of what makes this infuriating.

But did they really think that if they told the outside world that the co-chair of the Exploited Children's Caucus was sending them, or their friends, graphic sexual messages, that their future careers would be ruined?

YES. Of course they were scared probably terrified. Especially of a Republican congressmen with a fetish for young males. Most children (and yes I am referring to these once 16 year old boys as children) feel that being molested is THEIR fault.  Now add on to that the power that the republicans have had in the past TWO presidential terms and of course they were terrified. The bitches that should be punished are Mark Foley and the Bush Administration's "Politics of Fear."  All of these neocon, child molesting, murderous Republican power whores need to be taken to task for allowing this to happen. They are the ones that have made our whole country live in fear every day since September 11, 2001. No wonder these kids were scared.

Now, thanks to this WashPost report, we learn that the FBI had some of the e-mails in July and failed to launch an investigation. Did no one take this seriously? By the way, did Denny Hastert think that reading a statement before the cameras and then refusing to take questions was going to promote the appearance of openness? Again, who do you think is running the FBI? The Bush administration. They don't care if teen boys are molested or harassed, otherwise they would have sent by now this monstrous child molester to jail. They care about pushing their agenda, which I don't even know what that is anymore (it seems to be just warmongering and hate). If they think torturing is just SUPER, what would they think of some IM's and emails?  NOTHING, that's what. They fear nothing and they don't care who gets hurt along their way to a NeoNazi America.

Bush and his cronies, or more likely the reverse (I doubt bush is allowed to sneeze without Cheney checking his nose first), are hideous, terrifying creatures that need to be removed form power. This is like the Catholic Church covering up child molestation for all those years only slightly less serious because its not, for now, on such a huge scale. The Catholic Church wields enormous power and those children were overlooked as well by people of FAITH not politicians. Now put this scandal in the hands of politicians and you have a total cluster-@#!*. These politicians don't even answer to God! I propose that both power structures are removed, the Catholic Church and the Bush Administration, they have committed atrocities that are unforgivable and should at the very least be ostracized from the Citizenry of the World.

People should not be afraid of their governtments, governments should be afraid of their people.

The Revolution WILL BE BLOGGED!!

I was thinking, say, U of T (unlikely??) or York, or UCLA in LA (though I'm more thinking of studying in Canada, for what should be obvious economical reasons I think), being that these are both cities I actually live in (I'm now bi-coastal-- Toronto/LA, more or less), and I don't really want to move all that badly.  But maybe I should be thinking of branching out...? 

I suppose the minimum I can do is just do a really great LSAT and make a good case for myself, right?

Thanks a lot for the tips guys... very helpful.


I am thinking about going to law school, hence why I am here on this site reading up on the LSATS and what not.  Great to meet you guys.  Thanks for having me!

I'm 24 years old, will be 25 in March.  I have absolutely no post-secondary education whatsover.  I completed high school in 2000, then went on to make records and tour the world, lived in various cities (Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Brussels, Ottawa, and now currently LA), worked in a million jobs in the in-between, from waitressing to being glorified receptionist in financial companies to starting my own massage service, and I'm looking for a change.  For my own purposes, I've been more or less studying entertainment law on my own time, and I have quite a bit of experience, at this point, in reading and negotiating contracts, for my employers and also myself (licensing deals, etc...), and I've found that, strangely enough, I love this.  I'm good at this.  I want to make something like a career out of something like this.  But, I repeat, I have ABSOLUTELY NO POST-SECONDARY education whatsover. 

So.. I would like to go straight to law school.  I've heard that it may be possible (depending on LSAT scores, of course), to do this, to skip the whole undergrad degree thing altogether.  And so my question is, have any of you done this?  Or, anyone doing this?  Heard of this?  Any advice for someone who has never been to university? 

Thanks so much!

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