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If you are like me and have been working for 15 plus years, there is no way a LOR from a professor is an option (at least as far as I can tell).  I think your best bet is to get LOR from current employers or anyone else who can speak candidly and honestly about you and what you offer the law school.

Good luck to you!

From what I can tell about the law school admissions process, the top two considerations that schools will look at is your GPA and your LSAT score.  If you have killer scores, your odds are that much better.

Having said that, it doesn't necessarily mean you will be shut out because of poor scores, either.  Which where the Personal Statement comes into play.

Regarding your disability, because it sounds as though your disablity is an on-going issue and also because you seem to have overcome it as a challenge versus an obstacle, I would bring it up as a point in the Personal Statement and accentuate the positive (assuming the application asks for factors as to why you would succeed at law school).  In other words, put a positive spin on it to show the admissions committees that even with your disability you will be a successful student and future attorney.

As a matter of fact, your disability could be your PS theme, if done tactfully.

Hope this helps.  Godspeed.

Dera -

Congrats on your acceptance to Marquette's PT program. Being a single parent will be a great challenge but it sounds as though that is something you would welcome in order to be a success.  I am sure your daughter will be extremely proud to watch you walk across the podium in four years when you receive your diploma. What a terrific example you are to her.

I didn't really pay much heed to the previous poster's remarks about not pursuing law with kids.  I was really looking for some advise or stories from other LS students who have kids.  My guess is that person is not a parent and doesn't really understand what sacrifice really means.  At any rate, I am starting RWU part time program in Bristol, RI this August and couldn't be more excited and anxious to begin my new career and classes.  

Good luck to you and all that you may accomplish.

Thank you both for your candid comments!


Does anyone out there has any comments, suggestions, stories, etc. about their LS experience while attending an evening program and working a full time job and with children (and a supportive spouse!) at home.  I greatly appreciate any information you care to share!

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