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Transferring / Re: top 25- transferring up?
« on: October 13, 2005, 06:47:07 PM »
Well my understanding that the percentages accepted are quite small, but since transfer admission depends heavily on 1L grades, if you do well you can end up getting in somewhere much higher up than where your LSAT/U-grad scores put you initially.  One friend of mine just transferred from GW (having low-160s LSAT, maybe 3.5 u-grad GPA) to Columbia-- based on his 1L performance and a really interesting resume (fluent in several languages, many leadership activities). Another got waitlisted at U Michigan from Brooklyn law.

So it's certainly possible.  But from what I hear, to have a good shot you want to be near the top 10% of your class.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Deposits or Deadlines
« on: April 06, 2005, 01:07:21 PM »
Do any schools not allow you to send deposits to more than one place? 

General Off-Topic Board / Um, help: Geneva housing advice?
« on: January 29, 2005, 11:57:48 PM »
Probably off-topic even for off-topic?

I just got offered, on *really* short-notice, an internship at the WHO in Geneva Switzerland-- an awesome opportunity, but in order to take it I need to find housing starting mid-Feb or early March... And, no surprise, all the university /small boarding operations I've come across are booked solid (plus the hostel has a 6-day stay limit)... So I know this is a long shot, but at this point I can use any help I can get!!-- Anyone happen to have connections in Geneva, or have experience looking for housing there?



same here... somehow i think it's a function of my living so nearby...

anyway, i guess it's good completion letters were brought up, so people here won't get too freaked out if they see a thin letter first!!

yeah... I actually received my 'completed' letter _after_ the acceptance envelope!

[Funny seeing that new thin letter from them... 'Uh, what, now are they gonna say they made a mistake?' ;) hehe]

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Intellectual property rankings?
« on: November 30, 2004, 10:14:12 PM »
See this old thread:,5036.0.html

And in future, new people, remember your questions have probably been addressed before, so when in doubt try hitting SEARCH above!  :)

To be devil's advocate then (although i too am considering scholarships over prestige, as discussed in another thread)...

It's worth asking what you want to do with public interest, careerwise? Would you be happy with something smaller-scale/more local (eg public defender), or are you interested in working with an organization that is more national/international?

Because, from what I've read, prestige does count 'even' in public interest, in getting summer internship positions/ jobs after.  Competition for PI spots can be just as, if not more intense than, that for biglaw spots.  Many public interests groups (especially the big ones) like to be able to point to the prestigious credentials of their directors and legal advisers to 'prove' their legitimacy to those they are trying to influence, and to attract funders.  Another thing is that prestige = connections.  A more prestigious school is likely to have alums with more influential positions who will be valuable as mentors and as a source of networking.

And Minnesota in particular happens to have a very well-regarded public interest program
(they are, for example, closely associated with Human Rights Watch), which means they are likely to have a strong network for finding positions in the public interest field.
As a 'national' law school, they will also be better connected to national and international organizations than a regional school.

Of course, I'm not a lawyer and neither is kevdog (I'm assuming), but the implication in his post is right-on: the best thing to do would be to ask advice from people at organizations you've worked for, or better yet people who are doing what you think you want to do (even if that means cold call/emailing).  Or, after you get accepted (hopefully), talk to the admissions office from both schools and ask them to get you in touch with their alums so you can hear the spiel from both sides yourself.  It might even be possible, once you have your Loyola scholarship offer in hand, to tell that to the Minnesota people and see if they're willing to negotiate (which doesn't seem unreasonable since your stats seem solid for what I remember about Minn).

Basically, what I'm saying is that this kind of situation can be looked at as a trade-off of freedoms:  career-freedom (prestige presumably = more and better job prospects to choose from) vs financial-freedom (lifestyle issue, but also freedom to change careerpath more easily).

Either way, good luck!

PS Disclosure: I'm considering Minn too :)

General Off-Topic Board / Re: closet prestige whore
« on: November 28, 2004, 09:13:46 PM »
Mmmmm. Well, I did the prestige thing for Ugrad, which has made me realize prestige is nice to have from the standpoint of social respectability, and it does create some amazing opportunities, but it's not the most important thing for me.  Of course, if HYS came knocking I'd have a hard time turning them down, but with my stats I've had to accept that's not a decision I'm realistically going to be in a position to make.

With the very top ruled out, then I do think I'll be able to turn down the prestige of T14* if somewhere slightly lower-ranking (but still national) offers to 'make it worth my while' since career flexibility and having public interest law as a viable option are both relatively high on my list of priorities.

*[After all, if social perception is a big factor in wanting prestige, in a certain sense there isn't a crucial difference between say, 6-14 and the next set down,
since in both cases you will always run into people who will think less of you for not being at 'the best'... Though of course there are other possibly important differences between the groups, such as which firms will hire you, etc.]

...That said, part of the reason I feel I can be sanguine about turning down T10s is that I have the [hopefully not completely unreasonable] confidence to think that if I turn out to be miserable somewhere lower down, I'll somehow find a way to transfer somewhere more prestigious if I need to...

Ha! I just noticed that (at least right now) the google ad banner associated with this thread features the massage program I'm enrolled in right now-- which means that reference to massage in my prior post became part of a keyword search to reel it in... I'm so amused that I'm bringing them advertising! (not that it'll do any good for them to be seen here, although it is a great program..)


yay, company! congrats  ;D

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