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BLS is in a really convenient, pretty area.  I haven't been to SJU, but I've been to Jamaica, Queens, and it's definitely a little rougher.  You may want to look at Google's "Street View" to get an idea of the neighborhoods.

From what I've heard on here, the gap between the two schools' reputations in NYC is slim to none.  So I guess it's a question of how much debt you're willing to take on for a little comfort in location.

Current Law Students / Re: Getting Ready
« on: March 29, 2009, 04:07:06 PM »

I picked up Law School Confidential.  Love it.  Lots of people have copies of Getting to Maybe but I don't know of anyone actually reading theirs.

Current Law Students / Re: Laptops in Law School: Experience
« on: March 17, 2009, 05:13:32 PM »

I wouldn't recommend a netbook (i.e. EEPC) as your only computer. The keyboards are too small for serious typing unless you have the hands of a 5 yr old.

Yeah, that's a good point.

Current Law Students / Re: Laptops in Law School: Experience
« on: March 16, 2009, 09:15:32 PM »
Lots of people in the class use Macs, but I don't know if it's worth it.  Go to and keep your eyes peeled for a cheap PC.  You should consider an Asus Eee if you want something very easy to carry, they cost a hell of a lot less than a  Macbook.

« on: February 12, 2009, 09:55:32 PM »
Hello community,

I desprately need a property outline for the book titled - Property  by Dukeminer Krier.

Emanuel has a solid outline, keyed to that text.

Current Law Students / Re: Need good supplement for contracts
« on: January 11, 2009, 08:35:24 PM »
I used E&E and Emanuel... go with the latter.

They don't tell you the retention rates b/c most people don't retain them.  You do realize that its a B- curve at NYLS?  50% have to get above and 50% have to get below.  If you're anywhere in the middle of the class, you're screwed b/c you can get dropped up to 2 letter grades.  And don't think you'll be immune b/c just ONE class will mess up your gpa.  I graduated in 2007 and I only know ONE person who was able to keep their scholarship.

Well.. so far, so good.  There have been rumblings that they put all scholarship winners in the same section.  I tried to ignore the hype and just work harder than ever before.  And it paid off, thanks to a little luck   :)  Hopefully I can do just as well this semester and be one of the fortunate few that retain it.

It's probably water under the bridge at this point, but I just wanted to point out that I was waitlisted at BLS and ended up with an offer of admission and nearly a full ride a few days after I submitted a LOCI.  I think they do this as yield protection for high-index and unusual candidates.

Interesting.  Nearly a full ride?  Although I have highly unusual credentials and excuses, my index/numbers were still on the weak end of their standards.  Either way, I swung by NYLS this past week and got a great feeling about the place and the new building, and the neighborhood too.  Are you thinking BLS now?

I received a scholarship and guaranteed in-state at Rutgers-Newark, which places well in the NJ/NYC area, and cost-wise and reputation-wise, I am most comfortable with Rutgers.  I was down to Temple and Rutgers with scholarships, I like the idea of attending a large, well-known, well-established public school, and I also like the diversity of Rutgers. Have you researched some of the firms in NYC and where their lawyers attended school?  It helps to give you an idea of where they are pulling from.  What are the scholarship retention req's at the other school?  NYLS req's are pretty stringent.  We all assume we are going to work our hardest and do well, but it is still an unknown and unpredictable factor.  Really what matters is that you are comfortable with the decision and the amount/quality of research you have done into your options and costs.  I wish you all the best!

Thanks for the kind words.  If Rutgers had offered me in-state, I'd have taken it in a heartbeat.  As for job prospects, a firm in NYC is obviously my #1 choice, but having a highly technical background fit for patent law as well as connections back home in St. Louis make for two good fallback options.  I think when a person has a safety net, they should take a few risks  ;D  - who knows.  Thanks again, and it sounds like you'll do great at Rutgers on the cheap!

You have an 85% chance of losing your scholarship.  Okay you knew that already but NYLS gives out a lot of money in the first year to attract students, because their sticker price is so ridiculous.  Are you comfortable with the possibility of the different cost scenarios if your scholarship decreases or gets lost in the following 2 years?   Do you have any other options in the NY area?

Believe it or not, I'm fully prepared for the one and done scholarship.  SJU offered me $12500/yr and Seton Hall offered $10,000/yr.. NYLS blew those offers out of the water.  The idea that the NYLS "sticker price is ridiculous" is a myth.  Cardozo, SJU, SH and Brooklyn are a couple thousand dollars per year less (NYU and Columbia are comparable), and NYLS guarantees tuition at a fixed dollar number for all 3 years.

So lets say that SJU costs 40K and it goes up to 42K and 44K... that's 126K in tuition.  I get 37500 if I do pretty well, not top of the class, but still well.  that's $88K in tuition.  At BEST.  At NYLS, the tuition is roughly 42K.. that means that the tuition for all 3 years (again, guaranteed at that price) ends up the same as at SJU.. 126K.  Now I will get 30K automatically, that's guaranteed.  So the MOST I'll be paying in tuition at NYLS is 96K.  Yes, that's more than at SJU, but if I do decent at NYLS I would still get a little knocked off.  If I do incredibly well (unlikely), then I will get 90K over 3 years, and pay 36K in tuition.  Though not likely, it's possible I could pay over 50K less to attend NYLS.

So what am I risking?  The name/rank difference between SJU and NYLS, which some say is huge, and others say is minimal at best.  But the payoff could be big.  Calculated risk, I figure.

I understand that most have more options, but due to unusual circumstances, NYLS is my best bet.  I didn't get into 'Dozo, which bummed me out, and Brooklyn waitlisted me (i.e. no money either way).  I like to think that I've really thought this out and that it makes sense.. so let me know if off my rocker  ;)

I just checked LSN and it looks like you have the same offer from NYLS, which makes sense - as we're close in numbers.  Are you leaning any way?  You haven't updated in 2 mos, I'm curious :-\

Either way, thanks for the input, it always helps!

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