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Georgetown / Transfer from PT to FT
« on: December 15, 2007, 04:55:25 PM »
I was accepted to the PT program, but i do not plan on working and would ideally like to switch to FT asap. Can anyone give me some suggestions as to what the best way to go about this would be? Since i have to do PT, should i find a job- even though i don't plan on keep it for longer than i have to? Does the PT program have less prestige?


I really like GULC ;D

heh, i doubt its a glitch to be honest but sit tight. I actually received a greeting card the weekened before i actually got the letter. I was freaking out and called to find out if it was a generic card sent to all applicants. The woman told me that it was only for admitted students.. so i got my answer over the phone

I agree. As far as D.C's opportunities, they are still beyond my reach. I live in NYC and i don't plan on starting my first year of law school and going out on a job hunt. Even moreseo, i would be able to apply for the f/t program as soon as my grades from the fall are in & if accepted, i would have to catch up on credits over the summer by either taking a class or interning. My 2nd year employers wont necessarily care enough to notice that i was p/t the first year since ill be f/t my 2nd.

People should all just relax.  I personally did not apply to p/t to try to "up one" on the other students. If i wouldve made it f/t, I wouldn't even consider p/t for a second. I am just greatful to have been accepted & know i have to work hard and make it to f/t.

Did you apply both f/t & p/t?

My online status was updated on Friday... I tried loggging into the admitted students site on Tuesday, & it worked. A friend heard that they allow admitted students to access the site, 4 days after their status has been updated. However, I didn't actually get a letter until Wednesday.

My GPA is 3.96 but my LSAT was a 166 (probably why they put me in p/t).

Have you heard anything about switching into the f/t program and how soon i can do that? I've read that its generally easy to do it but it's card for me to believe that anything is "easy" in law school.

What if you cant make it to this reception? I have travel plans, actually leaving to Australia the 24th for a little over a month. Should i try to reschedule for a few days later??

I'm definitely going to GULC. I appled ED for f/t & p/t.

Ended up making p/t so i'll deal first year and hopefully transfer to f/t asap.
Does anyone have any advice ??

I applied ED to GULC and checked off "both" for the ft/pt option. My numbers are similar to yours and i was admitted for the p/t program. I've lived in NYC my entire life, including college years, and i'd like to get out. The truth is that after living in NYC, there aren't a lot of cities that will offer a comparable array of opportunity. DC, on the other hand, does and opens doors that dont even exist in NY. That was my rationale for p/t. I dont plan on working & i'm hoping to transfer in f/t asap.

Some f/t students look down on it, but the truth is - once you're in, it doesn't matter how you got there, as long as you work your way up

Ha, I sound like a halmark card... 

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