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Incoming 1Ls / .
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Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / .
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Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / .
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Financial Aid / Re: JD International student; tax returns and W-2s?
« on: November 27, 2007, 06:50:19 AM »
Thank you for the answers.
I guess i'm 'none-of-the-above' then. but I will take your advice and make calls to make sure.

Financial Aid / JD International student; tax returns and W-2s?
« on: November 26, 2007, 05:07:06 PM »

I was wondering how international JD applicants(non-resident aliens) are filling for financial aid..

some schools i applied to require separate form to be printed out and mailed to each schools, some schools don't. some schools say there will be absolutely no financial aid for international applicants and must show proof of financial resources for at least one academic year. some schools set deadline for financial aid application, some don't state it. it's quite tricky, different schools seem to have different things.

One specific school, in a financial aid application form, states that students complete a FAFSA(Free Application for Federal Student Aid), and send copy of student's and parents' 2007 federal tax returns, including all schedules and W-2s.

My questions:
1. If my research is correct, international students(non-resident aliens) are not qualified for FAFSA. should i complete FAFSA? where do i complete it? website address?
2. Since i and my parents never worked in US, am i free from obligation to send copies of federal tax return? or do i send an alternative documents from the country i and my parents live in now?
3. what is W-2s?

thanks all!

MHLM, that indepent thingy is quite shocking.. thank you for the info. 
dotlyn, thanks for the combo tip.

good luck to all of us who are applying  ;D

thank you for the reply and welcoming me  ;)

well, what i should have done was to phrase my question, or questions rather, more directly. (i so much appreciate your neat answer though  ;D)

number one was as the subject mentioned, is LSAC Data Search more dependable than school's self-disclosed applicant profile in considering one's chance?

number two, with the example i have given as a context, is it advisable that i apply to an even lower ranked schools than the one given? Like, the schools LSAC Data Search(NOT the school's applicant profile) says that i would have close to 100% chance of getting in?

which is more dependable?

While researching for schools, i bumped into some seeming 'discrepancies' with what i thought was an almost sure-shot schools(based on a school's disclosed applicant profile in LSAC Official Guide book) and what the LSAC Data Search(UGPA+LSAT) tells me.

For example, with my numbers, one school's diclosed applicant profile says there were 326 applied, and 303 admitted. Mindful of some effect of soft factors, one might, as i would, roughly guess that she/he has around 93% chance of getting in; one i would call an almost sure-shot school.

On the other hand, LSAC Data Search tells me with that school, i have 65~80% chance.

As you can see, the difference are quite huge. Though I should also consider other computing criteria LSAC Data Search might use that i don't know, i'm quite torn. i'm torn because i'm not sure whether i have to apply to more lower-ranked schools as safeties than the one mentioned.

what do you think?? 8)

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