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Law School Admissions / Top law school chances for an engineer
« on: June 10, 2013, 07:16:01 PM »
Hey all. I was looking to see what everyoneís thoughts were on my chances at a top law school. Quick background on myself:
  • Iím an electrical engineering student from a no-name state university.
  • Iíve got a 3.69 GPA, which has been on a steady upward swing so Iím hoping for a 3.75ish GPA by the time Iím done.
  • Iíve spent the past few semesters interning with an oil company, and will have 3 or 4 semesters of experience by the time Iím finished. Iíve also been in a social fraternity for three years and a resident advisor for two years.
  • Havenít taken the LSAT yet, but Iím planning to put in a lot of work into it and Iím good test taker, so Iím hoping for a score in the vicinity of 170 (But really who isnít?).
  • Iím scheduled to graduate in December 2014, but may push it back to May with a business minor.
Assuming I finish out my career with a 3.7-3.75 GPA and 168-170 on the LSAT, am I competitive for a top law school? Being realistic, Iím setting my sights on the schools hovering around the bottom half of the top 20. Particularly Iím looking at Michigan, Duke, Berkeley, Cornell, Texas, UCLA, ect.

As a little more information about myself, I'm still in the process of deciding whether I want to apply to law school or not. I'm also considering applying for a doctorate program in engineering or I may just go right to work as an engineer after undergrad. If anyone could recommend any good blogs or books about law school, admissions, the legal profession, ect, I would appreciate it!

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