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Considering all else equal, with job placement being the only deciding factor here, where would you guys recommend?  I know neither school places particularly well in the mid-Atlantic area, however, I feel that UI has a better alumni network to tap into?  Although, it seems that the W&L committee is really close-knit... And honestly, I'd rather be in VA than IL... but like I said... all else equal, with a job in NY being the only factor... which one? 

Hey all,

Anyone with a recommended length on unspecified PS statements (e.g. Georgetown)?  I'm thinking 750? 

Thanks for the replies.

I do have a recommendation coming from a professor of another course in my major, but as a backup/secondary recommendation, I'm assuming the grad student rec should be okay now?  Any further input would be greatly appreciated. 

Hey all,

First poster here.  I know that recs from professors obviously carry more weight, but my last two classes at school were 400 level courses for my major, so would it be okay to get recs from the grad students that taught these courses?  Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks! 

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