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Black Law Students / Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« on: July 16, 2004, 07:46:34 AM »
I been off the board for a second, so i'm out of the loop.  Whats racist comment is everyone referring to? 

Black Law Students / Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« on: July 14, 2004, 08:45:18 PM »
I just wanted to point out that I did not start the AA topic on this board.  If you read my first posting I actually pointed out:

Hey everyone.  I've read this whole thread and I found it pretty interesting and helpful. (I see we already got the inevitable AA debate going on - I was wondering how long it would take 

I just saw that it had come up already so I posted on it (which is one of the things you are supposed to do on a discussion board in the first place - reply to current posts.) I actually think its kinda sad that it has to come up just cus we are on the black prelaw students board.  But the reality is, someone will bring it up eventually (as they did like days ago).  And, if you really wanna have a forum called "Black Law Student Discussion Board", that is one issue black students often have to encounter in the world of higher education.

However I agree that other boards specifically about AA might be a better place to post on such topics.  (Just wanted to remind yal that i didnt start it, i was jus replying to earlier stuff i read - plus i was unaware of the fact that there even was an AA board, since i just discovered this site.)  Thanx for the replies...peace.

Black Law Students / Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« on: July 14, 2004, 08:48:10 AM »
I also wanted to comment on some of the debates/discussions we got going on on the thread.

1) Affirmative Action:
One thing that always pisses me off in the whole affirmative action debate is the fact that minorities all have to walk around like they got a damn brand on their face with "AA" on it, when the VAST numbers of people benefiting from AA at top schools in this nation are rich white people.  If you look at the numbers, more top private institutions admit people because of how much money their parents have and how much they can contribute to the school rather than what their skin color is.  How do you think people like Bush went to Yale and Harvard? - that man is NOT smart and when he was keynote speaker at Yale a couple years back he openly told them that he jus partied and got low grades.  However, his dad went there and was president of the United States.  I think its crazy that we had people writing in to my school newspaper about how they were mad that "blacks got admitted over whit students w/ the same #'s" and I'm sitting there knowing that my numbers were high as hell, whereas my roomie had a C avg in HS and couldnt get in to Penn State - yet she was at Duke University b/c her parents were rich and knew people.  When I'm sitting in class next to Jennifer White and the White Lecture Hall across the quad is named after her dad, yet I hav to be subjected to looks when the conversation rolls around to AA - it makes me kinda mad.  And these are not seldom occurrences people...soooo many people get admitted to schools on the basis of how much cheese they have. 

2) Diversity:
I can only judge from my school, but if i were to use it to judge many of the other universities in the nation, i'd say they are pretty messed up when it comes to diversity.  Because while everyone crunches their #'s and gets their right amt of Blacks and Asians and Hispanics, etc, no one is really tryna get diversity of socio-economics - and in my opinion, that is missing the mark.  there was recently in article in the NY Times about this, yal should read it...something like 70 or 80% of all ppl at top schools in the nation come from fams that make like over 150,000 (i mite be messin that stat up, sorry, but u get the point) - regardless of what race they are.  Lower middle class and lower class people are still being left behind in this nation - whether they are black white or yellow - and until we admit that economic class is something that exists in the US - we wont address it.  Even the minorities they get most of the time represent the higher income minorities.

3)  As far as the NAACP and Bush goes - dont let Bush fool you ("I'm not going cus they talked about me" - BS) he has declined invitations every year of his presidency and is the first pres to do so since the 30's.  He has been to the swing state of Pennsylvania like 30 times during this campaign, and he cant make it to Philly b/c of a "scheduling conflict" - gimme a break.  And as far as Clinton goes, he did some shady stuff on the low as well, both internationally and here at home.  As blacks we always demonize the Republicans and hand the Democrats our vote freely w/out demanding anything in return - when really they are all out to protect their own interests, the interests of rich, white men. (and I say that not to be racist, cus there's a lot of poor white southerners out there being duped for their Repub vote and their interest arent really being served either).  I fully advocate voting, ESP in this election (if u arent registered go do it now!) because although the whole system needs a band-aid, there's def a lesser of two evils.  However as blacks, we need to stop handing out our vote and then not paying attantion once the Dem gets in office.  We need to put continued pressure on Dem to protect our interests and be more involved in politics.  Cus the truth is they pimp us for our vote and then the majority of us go chill for 4 years and dont pay attention again  and let them screw us on the low until some extremely right wing person gets elected and starts screwing us out in the open.  And we also need to start focusing more on local poltics, mayor, school board etc, and also our district representatives and all that stuff.  Too often people only pay attention to the general elections or think if they change the pres, everything will be gravy - we have to remember, its a whole network of people that support the pres from a local to a federal level, and changing those ppl will impact us more than just changing one man.

Damn that was maaaad long, lol my bad yal, I'm at work w/ nothing to do (I work at the National Urban League by the way - great resource to tap if u wanna get in contact w/ black lawyers and professionals doing things to help our communities)....holla back

Black Law Students / Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« on: July 14, 2004, 08:10:58 AM »
Hey everyone.  I've read this whole thread and I found it pretty interesting and helpful. (I see we already got the inevitable AA debate going on - I was wondering how long it would take lol).  My name is Amelia and I'm a 20 year old African American female.  I'm a senior at Duke University and I'm preparing to take the LSAT in Oct.  First I just want some advice and/or opinions from anyone who has been accepted to schools or knows people who have.  My GPA is like 2.98 right now.  However I was premed for the first 2.5 years of college (under pressure from my mom) and all of my low grades were in science classes, which are now irrelevant to my desired career in law.  Although my cum is 2.9, my major gpa is like a 3.8 - Ive been a history major from day one, because that's what I like, i really wasnt that interested in the premed stuff.  Will that matter at all to LS admissions?  Is there any way for me to point out the vast diff b/w my cum and my major on an app?  I just took my first diagnostic test ever and got a 155 and I'm starting Testmasters today and hope to improve that significantly.  With a high LSAT and a low GPA from a top 10 school, do you think I would have a chance at top tier schools?  I also have a lot of extra curriculars and did independent research in Cuba.  I'm kind of scared about the whole law school thing, cus I heard you could have crazy extracurriculars, ill recommendations, good essay, etc , etc and still just get str8 rejected if your numbers dont reach a certain threshold.  A teacher at my school told me they dont even ever LOOK at ur app if ur index number isnt above that school's threshold.  A couple other questions I have are:  What are some schools that give good money? (very important!)  When is the best time to submit apps? (someone said b4 get em in by Oct, but I wont even have my LSAT score by then - which is gonna impact heavily where i apply). I've heard there are like 0 black men at law school (my bf is about to start at Wake Forest and he said there are like 3 in the incoming class) but I was wondering what the numbers are looking like for black women?

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