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apparently - my school doesnt have the citi law loan option - ?  bites!

and the only loan I can apply for is the grad loan with the lowest possible rate for my school being 6 percent!!!  access it is.

i got the best 2.55 offer from access (5.88) - its better than citi's prime offer which I think is over 6 %....although for some reason it looks as if I cant get a loan product for my school from citi...but I will check that out again today.

my credit score is over 800 but I think they give the bestrates to people who may have carried loarge balances and paid if off successfully in a short amount of time....thats my best guess because I have  only had a credit history for 9 years and my credit score only recently went up over 800  in the last few months....

yes at one point I paid off almost 20K in 2 years! so maybe that makes a difference for those who have great credit but never any large balance payment history.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Laptop Comparison (Dell 600m v 700m)
« on: June 23, 2005, 05:32:02 PM »
no I did the math - I actually ended up saving an extra hundred dollars than if I had used a 750 off 1499 computer although I think you are right about the 1.6 vs. 1.8 that I shouldnt have paid for.....

the 750 coupon is off the regular price of 700 M with add ons..... so you could configure a 700 upt to about 1500 and get off 750 and only pay 750......but my configuration and add ons with 3 year service plan came up to over $2100....I used a employer coupon for 33% discounted off reg price and then an additional 12 % off of the reduced price....i still think I got a good deal. but thanks for the suggestion.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Laptop Comparison (Dell 600m v 700m)
« on: June 23, 2005, 07:46:51 AM »
I was deciding between compaq, hp, dell and I got the 700M this week.  

At first I was concerned out how small the keyboard was - but I have small hands and fingers.  I got used to the keyboard real quick though after an hour on it - the problem is with the switching up between keyboards at work and at home - obviously keyboard at work is normal sized so I have to retrain my hands on the 700 - that wont be a problem when I start school.

I saw and used the 600 and was freaked out by how flimsy it seemed - I pressed a key on it and the whole lap top jumped up and the keys seemed flimsy too.  

I am happy with my 700M and I even think the portion of the 8 cell battery that sticks out looks like it belongs on the lap top - it makes it look more normal sized.  The extra battery time is great.  The screen is spacious for 12.1 and the visuals are clean and crisp and ultra - brite (too brite - I lower the brightness on it now).

I love its weight and size - it feels compact not flimsy and I can't wait to slide this baby in and out of my bag while I commute to school.

At the end of the day - a 700M I think is about as small as you can or should go for comfort and functionality.   However - a 13 inch screen and normal sized keyboard on a sub 5 pound note book with optical drive would have been PERFECT - but I paid 1400 bucks for my lap top which includes : XP professional, 60GB, 1.8 Gz processor, 512MB, CD-DVD rw burner, 64 MB key, Word suite, pdf maker, 8 -cell battery, and 3 year warranty, 8.625 TAX and shipping and I am VERY HAPPY.  

HP, Compaq with similar configuration and repair service would have set me back 1800 - 2200 and they would have been well over 5 pounds easily.

6k ugrad + 100 - 120k = 106 - 126k

Financial Aid / Re: GW Finaid
« on: June 08, 2005, 06:46:49 AM »
I can agree with that  - I would like to see actual numbers posted too - I was guessing.....and trying to counter the irrational exuberance of erapitt - GW is a great school - but its only a golden ticket - if you make it so - it aint guaranteed - that's my line and I am sticking to it

Black Law Students / Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« on: June 03, 2005, 09:40:43 AM »

it certainly did - so much so that I still think my prep school experience was my college exprience and my college experience was my should've been high school prep school I was so out of whack I graduated with a lousy gpa - my first 2 years in college I got easy b/b+ average without even trying - once I started trying I was getting A's.  I wish LS would be that easy but I dont think it will be.

Black Law Students / Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« on: June 02, 2005, 01:58:09 PM »
ok - I will actually be leaving the office in a few minutes  but I will read/respond tomorrow morning - oh wait I see it hasnt been process by system yet becasue it has nothing in it so it may take a while -

Black Law Students / Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« on: June 02, 2005, 01:47:45 PM » says I dont have anything? or maybe I checked too soon?

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