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Villanova / Re: Happy Hour, anyone??
« on: August 04, 2005, 07:24:15 AM »
oh come on BOTH! kidding... i can def. offer a few suggestions, did you want to stay in the Nova area or go to the city.
there arent many bars here in the Nova area, Kelly's is the current hot spot, it is right down lancaster ave in Bryn Mawr... The Wild Onion was where we all hung out at the beginning of last year and is also really close to school, i think it was a lot of fun... and Brownies 23 East is in Ardmore if you like live music, friday they also have a good happy hour.
in the city the possibilities are endless, i suggest Plough and the Stars and Mad River if you like fun bars and good drinks. (both in old city)

ahhh the wisdom of a 2L ... HA HA (this is what I learned last year)  ;)

ps my girls and i will try to make it!!

Villanova / Re: I'm goin' to Villanova
« on: August 03, 2005, 05:36:38 PM »
1L is NOTHING like law school.... its good for a laugh or two at the people who are at schools like that though!!!

Villanova / Re: Happy Hour, anyone??
« on: August 03, 2005, 05:33:40 PM »
I am a rising 2L at VLS... WELCOME!!! you guys have the right idea!!!!

IL is for people who dont know what law school is about to begin with, if it scares you, you shouldnt be here to start with. it is just life as a law student. i hope you were all at the onion tonight, in true PSU fashion I closed it out!!!

i met one PSU guy today... well he was in my break down group for Q & A but i didnt get to talk to him. are you all going to the onion tonight??? if not you are a shame to the PSU alumni reputation HA HA

My loans showed on Novasis. Where is the entrance interview? I havent done that... did you guys print out the reading for orientation??? looks like a blast HA HA

Oh and I am not sure about the keg but if someone gets a "WE ARE" chant going, I bet everyone would join in!

Another loan question.... did anyone else get something that said Misc private loan $0000 (with a number there) on their award letter? if so when is that dispursed?? the other loans were already and of course Financial Aid is not getting back to me when I asked them.

I priced books, they are expensive and now getting them online is out of the question because of shipping times.
Did you guys see the first day assignments? What do they mean by student services?

I found that same site after i posted... go figure.... i looked online for some of our books, i have found a few but not all of them. I am going to go to Nova bookstore this weekend and compare prices and get whatever is the cheapest... but i dont know what to do if the schedule is not finalized... i wonder when that will be... where did you hear they arent final? i will let everyone know where to get the cheapest books, at least for my sections after i get to the bookstore.

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