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I've seen what appears to be a good number of 1Ls in and around TLS.  Good luck to you.  Remember, work VERY hard this year. Have fun and go out, but do this at appropriate times (i.e. the weekend).  1L year for me was one of the best and worst years of my life, but I never regret it.  Just do your best, enjoy New Orleans and life a bit.  Thats about all I have for a pep talk.

are there classes on friday?

Yes. 4 credit hour courses have class on Friday - I believe what that means is you will have Torts & Civ Pro on Fridays first semester, and Property + Con law on Fridays in spring.

Job Search / Re: Writing Sample Question...
« on: August 09, 2009, 01:44:50 PM »
I am using a 12 page writ of cert to the state supreme court I wrote over the course of this summer job.  I debated just sending the argument section (its fairly short as the argument was not very complex) but decided to just send the whole thing. I figure if they truly only want to read a few pages, they can skim it or only read portions.  I think the key is to send a QUALITY writing sample, regardless of length or subject matter. Perhaps if they have 5-10 pages underlined, in bold and with an exclamation mark after it, I'd only send that many, but I figure most employers are flexible.

Job Search / Re: NYC Law Department
« on: August 09, 2009, 01:42:07 PM »
I debated applying for this through my school as well but opted not to.  For me, it comes down to pay. Unless you are on no loans, or can use fed. loan repayment to cover your law loans (don't have private loans) I think it would be really hard to have a decent life in NYC on their pay.  However, in doing a bit of research on them it seemed people liked the job overall and found it to be a good learning experience.

alright, going with the macbook pro then. thanks for the info.

Good choice, you'll love it.  Now that there is an apple store out in Metairie too, repairs are much easier to handle. They're very friendly.

So I want to purchase a macbook pro, but I am concerned because Tulane "strongly" advises selecting a PC. Is this really an issue? Much more comfortable with macs.

There are no problems using Macs at Tulane. The wireless printing software works with Macs as does the ExamSoft testing software.  The only thing that sucks about Mac test taking is that the software for Mac is really ghetto and the printing turns out super small and is a bit hard to read when frantically exam writing, but its really not that big a deal if you take a couple practice tests so you know what to expect.

I am not sure where Tulane highly suggests using a PC, because both are totally operable here.  I will say; however, that if you have a PC the IT guys in the Library are more likely to be able to fix any software problems, etc. you might have. But other than that, they're totally equal. There are a large # of students who use Macs.

Just how hard is it for Tulane Law students to find a job right now?

We are in the same boat as everyone else - so it's pretty tough to find a job right now.  The NOLA market is a bit of a godsend as it isn't struggling as much as other markets, but unfortunately, it's a small market.

That said, there are jobs out there and no student should use the economy to excuse them from trying their damnedest when searching for a job.

I agree with BotBot here. I am already spending 4-5 hours a day on this and feeling a bit hopeless. People need to get on it!

To add a bit to this housing discussion - I agree that NOLA is a perfectly safe place to live.  I live near what I'd honestly call a "borderline" area and have been fine for the past year.  By borderline, I mean my street and area right around me is patrolled by private patrol but the next block over isn't and had some crime over there. 

The key is just to check the area out both morning, afternoon, and night before signing a lease if you're nervous. Knock on the neighbor's door and ask them about how they feel the neighborhood is. If they won't answer the door in fear, maybe that's a bad sign...; but most likely they will ease your fears.

Parking near Tulane is possible. If you have early class, St. Charles is an easy walk to TLS and beautiful, but you need to be there around 8am to stand a chance at a spot.  There are a few streets near campus where parking dept does not patrol (mostly dead end streets) so those are possible, but I park there daily, so don't steal all my spots!  8)

IMO - our class had a large # of people who didn't particularly care for New Orleans or Tulane and were from larger metro areas. Plus, I figure the pressure to transfer up in the current economy is higher than in previous years.

I've heard the same - however i've only heard of a few successful applications thus far. To hell with all of them!

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