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In at GWU Part Time today! If my cycle ended right now, I'd have few complaints. But as it is I'm pending at 11 more schools and even contemplating throwing out a few more apps.

In at American, ages ago but wanted to jump on the thread band wagon. I've got 12 pending, 3 complete--pray for me!!

Sad face. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Happy holidays to you too.  Hey, I'm having the admissions blues about my chances too, so don't be discouraged.  You never know what will happen.  The ones that were waitlisted last year didn't stay on, so I have no clue how it would've ended up.  No matter what, I think you will end up at a great school where you will be happy and you will be given the chance to have a very successful career.  And if you are really dissatified at the end of this cycle, take another year off and re-take the LSAT.  It might seem like a tough decision, but it might also be well worth it.

Also, are you considering Howard?  Your numbers might merit you close to a full-ride there.  And for all intents and purposes, Howard >= GWU.
Thanks for the encourgement, tl I'm sure you're right. I'll try and keep my head up.I actually haven't considered Howard.I don't see myself there but maybe I should pay a visit when I'm in D.C.

Sad face. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Hey, guys, I know I'm on here bugging you a lot, thanks for all the advice! How competitive am I specifically at GWU with my 3.0, 157 and bomb softs. Thanks! Percentages would be grand! And yes, I'm obsessed with law school admissions at this point.

Black Law Students / Re: Black Boston?
« on: December 23, 2007, 09:27:00 PM »
Not as expected. Score went up but not by much. I suppose I was more stressed and emotional than I thought I would be. Its understandable but I'm still disappointed. Hoping G-town will show me love nontheless.

Black Law Students / Black Boston?
« on: December 22, 2007, 02:31:22 PM »
I am mulling over applying to Boston College but as a San Francisco native, I worry about race relations in Boston. I have heard horror stories. When my sister was admiited to Harvard as a Ugrad she was put in touch with a black students who warned her about going out after dark! But most of all, what springs to mind is the quote from The Departed:

Brown: @#!* yourself.
Billy Costigan: Look at it this way: You're a black guy in Boston. You don't need any help from me to be completely screwed.

Any black people with positive or negative Boston experiences to share?

All my hard work flushed down the tubes. I could use a big hug right now, but I turn to you guys for realism, right? Give me a dose of reality. I'm including all of my softs to make me feel better because I feel like such a huge idiot. I really wish my dad had not died two weeks before the LSAT but...well, there is no but.

GPA: 3.0
LSAT: 157
Black female

Tri-lingual (French, Spanish, English), study abroad, mock trial (national championship team!), RA, community service, senior thesis, unusual major. 3 years WE in art sales (Picasso & shizz).

I have apps pending at:
Georgetown (PT and FT)
GWU (PT and FT)
NYU (haha)

I was already accepted at American with my old score, 155.

Questions--what are my chances at the schools I am pending at? What schools should I add? I was planning on adding some 7-14's but now it seems I should add some 25-35's.

Help me.


Thanks, everyone! Will let y'all know when the scores come through. Better get into into GT (got my game face on)!

Sorry 'bout that Golden Afro. 3.0, UCLA (3.7 major), upward trend, etc.

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