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Online Law Schools / Re: NOVUS LAW SCHOOL?
« on: June 13, 2007, 04:45:50 PM »
It was my understanding that it was a sham law school. That thier degree does not allow you to sit for any bars and that the two owners live in Europe. I would not suggest it. Google them online.... and you will be able to locate the suits that were filed for the fraud.

I am a Law Student at Novus Law School and I'm reading your statement that it is your understanding that Novus is a sham law school, and then I'm reading where you misspelled "thier" degree does not allow you to sit for any bars and that the two of the owners live in Europe. You further claim that you can Google them online and you'll be able to locate lawsuits that were filed against them for fraud.

I personally know two of the professors that teach at Novus, as the president of the school and they live in California, where I live. I also know (and did Google) that there are no lawsuits filed against them at present, nor have there ever been. I have been an arbitrator and a mediator for over 15 years, and I'm not seeking to take a bar, but I do understand and it was explained to me how attorney supervised study works and how you can earn a degree and become an attorney by combining law study with attorney supervised study. I verified this with the American Bar Association, which Novus Law School provides a direct link to on their website.

In light of all this, I would say that your statements are either delusional or outright lies. I have no way of knowing why you would print such statements when any person can easily verify through the American Bar Association and by Googling as you suggested, that Novus is a Law School with an excellent reputation assisting students throughout the US and attorney supervised study and for specialized practice fields like mine.

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