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Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / scu v. usd
« on: June 10, 2007, 01:02:53 AM »
I've paid both deposits at SCU, but just got in to USD off the wait list. It's a close call for me. I don't live far from SCU so I'd be saving a ton of money by living at home, and it would be nice to get to spend some time around my younger sibling after having been gone for a while. I'm not wild about the campus or facilities, or any of their tech focused law programs. In USD's favor, I fell in love with their campus and it seemed like a great place, but I'm not sure it's worth the huge cost of living. I'm not even sure I'll know what my financial aid package will be there by the time I have to send the deposit. Just wondering if anyone else out there has any thoughts about the two. 

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