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Current Law Students / LEEWS- helpful?
« on: March 07, 2008, 07:45:45 AM »
LEEWS is coming to town on Sunday and I'm wondering if this is worth it.  I saw some previous posts approving of the program, but they mainly seemed to be from those that took it pre-law school.  I'm a 1L at a top 20 school who did pretty average last semester, A-, B+, B, B.  Needless to say I'm looking to do better, and I don't think working harder is going to get it done.

I'm really looking for feedback from those that took a semester or year without the program, then took it in hopes of improving their grades.  $135 isn't much for even the chance at improving grades, but if its entirely a scam I don't want to waste the time and money.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

I've never heard of Mitchell as conservative, and I know many that have attended there.  Where do you get that from out of curiosity?

Another option is St. Thomas, which does have a rep as conservative, although prolly not as bad as people think.  I would say they are much more on the up-and-up than Mitchell and will prolly be Tier 2 in the not too distant future.

I'm going to UofMN next year- one tip, make sure you answer the "why Minnesota question" on the app.  The admission director said (with a frown) that nearly half of their applicants don't even answer that question at all.

I would not go to William Mitchell.  I know it does pretty well in MN, but my impression is that it is not a very good school.  Plus they are uber-conservative and quite proud of it.  Maybe that is OK with you, but I couldn't stand a school THAT conservative.

If your scores are good enough that you might have a shot at Minnesota, then I would suggest applying to some other, better (than William Mitchell) schools in the area as well.  Wisconsin, Case Western, DePaul, Loyola-Chicago, and Chicago-Kent would be some good schools to apply to.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: BC over UMN?
« on: July 17, 2007, 11:43:38 AM »

BC places 6% "Midwest" (2006)

UMN places 10% what its calls "East North Central" (IL, IN, MI, OH, WI).  (2005)

So looks like a decent amount higher for the UMN. However, that doesnt mean BC won't get you into Chicago, probably less people are inclinded to be in Chicago/midwest.  I agree that calling the career services office of both schools for more info is a good idea.

Concerning in-state in Minnesota I can quote the admissions director as saying, "There are hard states and easy states, Minnesota is a hard state.  Nobody gets residency...except law students."  It may be a pain in the ass, but I think you can get it after your first year.  (Dont know if that changes your mind at all).  While many stay in Minneapolis after law school, they place pretty well in Chicago and probably would in STL and KC, to name a few midwest cities. You're probably right that you need to be in the top 25% to have a lot of mobility.

While I'd love for you to join me at Minnesota next fall and I think all of the advice on this board has been solid, if you still think you might want to go to Hastings, then put down the deposit.  $500 in the long run isn't much when you're talking about your legal future.

Definitely pick UMN though ;)

If you want to live in the North Central states: go to Minn
If you want to live on the West Coast: go to Hastings

If you want to live anywhere else, prepare for some absurd amounts of legwork.

I would say the first part of this is definately true, placement will be better for both in their own region.  However, if you don't know where you want to go, Minnesota seems like a better bet.  I think "absurd" amounts of legwork is over the top, I know many Minnesota 2Ls summering in New York and DC.  While not quite a t14, a t20 ranking is going to open some doors.  Cost of living is also a lot lower in the Twin Cities, so that should be kept in mind. 

Good luck!

I was deferred early action and then accepted in March.  I did have a slighty unorthodox LOR which I think hurt me originally, and then submitted another from my current employer.  I also went in and talked to the director of admissions personally, 3 weeks later I was accepted.

I know Minnesota will keep people on the waitlist as long as the first week of the semester.  I've heard many stories of people who had planned to go to William Mitchell, Hamline, etc. and got the call during orientation or the first week of classes.  If you have your heart set on Minnesota, plan on going somewhere else and see what happens.  No reason to take your name off the list for pride.

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