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Job Search / Re: Army JAG
« on: April 13, 2013, 06:21:24 PM »
i concur witharmyjag2.  i was army enlisted active duty, a basic branch officer, and now serve as a jag officer- active duty. forgive the format. im using my smartphone overseas in the field.

airbore air assault school. jags get chances to go abn or aaslt once in a while. esp if youre at a forscom, abn unit, or at a base that teaches that course. ie ft benning.  you have to seek the opportunity out and be in great shape because youll have to compete for the slot to go. 270 apft and or good runner/ ruck marching within 15min standard for 12 miles with gear. these opportunities wont come to you. you must research online and seek it out with your chain of command. bottom line. dont go half steppin. show leadership u want to be a high speed trooper thru apft scores, research, and determination before thinking of asking.  ive come across too many army newbies who want to wear the badgex but dont even know what the course entails or they have poor fitness scores.

ranger school. is possible. esp if youre stationed at benning and the 06 sja is supportive. high speed jags coming from 82/101 were being selected and supported by their div a few years ago when we were still deploying to oif/oef/surge.  also ranger regiment has 2~3 slots for jags to serve in the 75th regiment. you need to be ranger tab qualified iot serve with them. bottom line. its possible but very unlikely for a jag to go to ranger.

should jags be able to go to these high speed courses?

imo yes. and numerous senior line officers/ commanders agree. jags dont need to go iot wear a cool guy badge. but instead to better understand the culture/mission/soldiers we all serve. i could go on forever about this. im basically saying that jags need to challenge themselves as officers to set higher standards for themself, or to meet the standards set by their fellow line officers/ncos/ paratroopers/ soldiers. as one RI said to a student " it's not about you. "  as an officer ,   jag or not, you need to do and be the best you can for those you serve/lead/advise.  it's not about you.

i understand how combat arms guys say jags dont need to go or its waste of  slots and money. i get it. but if youve been to any of these schools you would know that too many non jag soldiers bolo out of these courses for various reasons. imo if youre motivated physically fit and have an interest in being a better officer, then go for it.  but dont come half steppin.

if youre in law school and you want to be a high speed hero, then enlist or commission combat arms. ie infantry or armor. youll get to go to these schools you dream about.  if youre thinking about just doing jag and wanting to be tabbed/badged the fck out.... then maybe you need to take a moment and think about your real reason for wanting to wear the uniform. is it so that you can look like a hero/leader?

if you want to serve. then serve. you dont have to be an officer just because you have a ba bs or jd degree.  i have a friend who enlisted under 18X immediately after law school. served six years as a green beret and is now a jag officer. dont think your above serving enlisted just because you have a fancy degree.  my legal education is only an additional skill set that i use to be a value added member of the team. 

one last thing.  jag corps and the army in general is about teamwork, improving youself as a leader, and improving your subordinates to be tbe best that they can be.  most law students got where they are now becuase they put themself first and looked out for their interests. if this is you, then dont bother applying to be an officer.  you will eventually be peered out.

ive been to the schools and i see the reaction my soldiers have when they see my uniform and know that i once too was a young pfc.  MOTIVATE them to achieve the mission. INSPIRE them to go further.

Men.Mission.Myself.    in that order. because if you take care of your men first,  they will take care of the mission.

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