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Thanks, everyone, for the support and encouragement.  I will definitely contact my school and get some information.

I don't remember, but Baby m is in the title.

I've read the baby M case and seen the movie.  Hopefully, our surrogate will not do that to us, because if she does, I will probably have to defer enrollment to pursue a legal battle.

Thanks! I'm going to St Mary's in TX.

I am entering LS in August. My husband and I really want a baby, and through the miracle of surrogacy, we are expecting our baby at the end of September.  I know this will be hard, but what makes it even more complicated is that we will have to travel to California (We live in Texas) to pick up the baby.  We have decided to have a planned C-section so that we can prepare for the baby and work around our demanding schedules. Then my husband will take some time off from work to care for the baby while I soldier on through LS.
We really want this baby more than anything.  I've also decided against deferring my enrollment until next year. That being said, can anyone out there offer me some advice? 

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St Mary's, San Antonio, TX

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