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Choosing the Right Law School / How high should I aim?
« on: December 27, 2002, 02:43:20 PM »
I'm applying to law schools for the fall. I have three majors (Political Science, Jounalism and Philosophy), Departmental honors in the first two...over 3.0 in the third one. I am a minority woman. I also came to the US at 12 and was in a near-death accident sophomore year of college (didn't quit anything though, figured I'll tough it out, it was fine, just created a lot of curves in my transcipt).
I got a 157 at my first shot on the LSATs and have a 3.3 (down to 3.18 thanks to the LSDAS report). Should I aim higher than what the numbers say on the official guide? Some say I would be an exception. Any suggestions at what kind of schools I could consider safe, long shot and competitive? thanks, and wish you all the best with your applications and admissions.  :).
Also, anyone have any suggestions on where I can get my personal statement reviewed and commented on, my university's pre-law advisor is not very resourceful.

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