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First: I am a white male who is convinced that affirmative action is an important tool that ultimately helps to protect long term societal stability. Why and how I reached that conclusion is not relevant to this post, which I hope will not be taken as yet another invitation to anti-AA folk to remind us how they feel.

My question is, does anyone have a suggestion for a more...satisfying...perspecti ve for a borderline non-URMs to take? Because when I take the short (i.e. self-interested) view, I can't help but feel inner tension, particularly when I look at and think:

"School [Top14] accepted about two dozen people last year with my 165ish/3.7ish, which means I've got a halfway decent shot--I think my soft assets will dominate most others with similar GPA/LSATs out there in a head to head. If I apply to 10 such schools, I should get in to one or two."

Then I filter to exclude URMs. Suddenly all the 165ish/3.7ish candidates disappear. 

Thus far, I've only come up with the following:

1: "If they didn't account for URM's, those lower-score slots simply wouldn't exist--fewer applicants would be accepted."

2: "Promoting societal stability and ensuring URM role-models are represented in adequate numbers in professional career tracks is more important than whether one or two white kids get to go to the University of Michigan this year."

3: "No one is a victim in this world. If you wanted to go to UVA so badly, you should have worked harder to make sure that you didn't get a low borderline score like a 163 on your LSAT. And if you really care that much, go to GW and transfer."

4: "Life isn't fair to all people all the time. Get over it."


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