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Canadian Law Students / Re: Little help, anybody? (Where should I go?)
« on: February 14, 2007, 08:29:38 PM »
I'll tell you what really bothers me about UofO - they admit a hell of a lot of student straight out of highschool and CEGEP (in Quebec).  Now the academic enlightenment that comes along with earning a university degree prior to Law School has its merits and all, but if I wanted to go to a low end law school and sit next to 18 year olds wondering whether Law School offers Gym class, I wouldn't have busted my ass through an undergrad.  There's a reason almost every law school in Canada and the U.S requires an undergraduate degree.  If you have completed an undergrad, why would you want to go to a school that doesn't require one, essentially rendering your degree a waste of time.   

That being said I have heard good things about UofO Law and if you want to work in the public sector it has an extremely well established alumni base and might be a great fit for you.  If you're going for corporate law or want an accreditation that will hold up regardless of what field you practice in I'd say:  UBC in the West, UofT (if you can get in) for Ontario - Osgoode 2nd, McGill in Quebec, Dal in the maritimes.  So based on your list I'd likely go to Oz.  Only wild card I can think of is if you intend to work in the Prairies which I really have no idea about.

That's my 2 cents.

Just to set the record straight... The Civil Law program at Ottawa U admits a majority of students straight from high school or CEGEP, as do all the civil law schools in Quebec.  Even McGill, who has a transystemic civil/common law program admits a few students straight from CEGEP every year.  You cannot get into Ottawa U's common law program straight from high school or CEGEP - check your OLSAS admission booklet.  I am in 2nd year at Ottawa in the common law section and 1/3 of the students in my year have Masters degrees.  I do not know a single student who does not have an undergraduate degree.  In addition, common and civil law students do not share classes.  Please get your facts straight before you post!

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