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Current Law Students / Re: What do ACLU attorneys earn?
« on: March 02, 2007, 09:51:44 PM »
I find it hard to believe that you're a "republican" and also value the work the ACLU does. I guess you're also a "republican" who favors gay marriage, health care for nothing, and is pro-choice too? Oh wait..that's a democrat. 

And as for that's how this country has worked for 200 years, I suggest you re-take american history. Civil liberties are only selectively enforced in this country. (just like the ACLU only selectively takes its clients)

I think that gay people should be allowed to marry, I'm against free health care because it seems to lead to all-around terrible services and taxes that are too high, and I'm against abortion in general. This is all completely irrelevant to my point, however.

I was simply stating a concept that has long been mainstream among the smarter people of America: protecting the freedoms of people we dislike is important to protecting the freedoms of everyone.

You may or may not be correct about the 200 years figure; I carelessly threw that out there on whim. However, the idea of civil liberties for people we despise has long been a part of American history. I have a book by Alan Dershowitz (who is an amazing and brilliant person), in which he claims that the beauty of the American legal system lies in the fact that many lawyers defend the rights of everyone regardless of conflicting ideology and personal belief. As far as historical examples go, he cites John Adams, Abraham Lincoln, and Clarence Darrow as personifying those values. John Adams actually defended the British soldiers who participated in the Boston Massacre. I can also think of Oliver Holmes, who famously stated something along the lines that the experiment that is our constitution is best protected by not silencing those we detest.

The point that I am trying to make is that defending the rights of a person doesn't mean you agree with their actions or their message. It only means that you are defending their rights. Through this defense, you further safeguard the rights of everyone. That's the foundation that the American system of liberties rests on.

You may not understand this concept; most people probably don't. But as long as there is a group of conscientious lawyers out there who care so much for this belief that they are willing to fight to protect the free speech of pedophiles for a measly 40k a year, then the fate of this country is probably in good hands.

Current Law Students / Re: What do ACLU attorneys earn?
« on: March 01, 2007, 11:47:44 PM »
Free speech rights do have value. However, its hard to justify defending neo-nazis and molestors just because these people have "freedom of speech." That's bull$hit in my opinion.

What the @#!*? I'm a republican, but I understand that true belief in civil liberties means defending the civil liberties of dipshits so that the civil liberties of good honest people will also be protected.

What is hard to understand? It's the way America has worked for two hundred years. Are you missing something?

Financial Aid / Re: Best Way to See Credit Score?
« on: April 29, 2007, 09:52:39 PM »
I use bank of america, and they had a credit report monitoring program w/ a 30 day trial.

naturally, I signed up for it and cancelled before the trial ended

Financial Aid / Re: GRAD PLUS Questions and Answers 2007
« on: April 29, 2007, 09:49:30 PM »
Use Northstar/THE

AFC tries to screw you like everyone else: 1 missed payment by 15 days = benefits retracted for life

Financial Aid / Re: GRAD PLUS Questions and Answers 2007
« on: April 24, 2007, 01:11:53 AM »
northstar/the and AFC look the best to me

I hope I'm not missing something

you really don't know what you're missing.

*I* don't even know what you're missing yet.

Maybe I'm being too opinionated. B-E is okay, but all of their songs are geared towards girls.

so THIS is where all the cool columbia accepts are hanging out

My authoritative opinion on bright eyes is this: they suck, if you want to listen to emo, then listen to death cab.

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: Columbia Admit Days Recap
« on: March 07, 2007, 08:06:38 PM »
Sounds so fun; I wish I could've gone but I can't really make it to New York atm.

Who's coming to the Los Angeles event? I think you guys should fly out and party at the Regency Club. Sunshine would do you good, etc.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: If the USNR did not exist....
« on: March 05, 2007, 11:15:15 PM »
If USNWR didn't exist we would have created it.  Law students seek hierarchy wherever they turn and obsessively so.  The legal profession is contingent on it.

That's what we're being asked to do here.  Create it.  The OP just isn't concise, like me:

"If you were building a general ranking system for law schools, what criteria would you use?"

I would definitely factor in the square footage of the library.

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