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although I may well be f-ing with you, I do go by JT and I am not the one who is fb friends with you, which leads me to believe that there are two of us.  That being said, it's high time I assume the Jamesitude momma gave me and drop the JTity my friends threw on me. 

9 - quality not quantity

Damn, is there already a JT Neely?  Does he or she go by JT?

Did you know that you are never more than 6 miles from a lake when you are in Michigan?

Having skipped the ASW's, I must rely on dubious internet sources to Wolverinize.

Why else should I be excited to descend the mountain (other than oxygen)?

The University of Michigan School of Law

I got a little envelope in the mail today with a note on the outside reading:
"don't open me; throw me away on your way to Ann Arbor"

I can tell by the way you tap those buttons in front of you that you're all going to be wonderful classmates, but I can't wait to meet you in person.

A nice elderly couple just west of the LQ is renting me the loft above their garage for the summer.  I am going to work in a bakery for a few months vending blintzes and smiles, getting to know the locals, and overcoming my Rocky Mountain High withdrawal before you get there.  Then I'm going to share showers again...

I would feel more comfortable pursuing an alternate career with an HJD and debt than a NUJD and a smile. 

a smile

Even if he's attempting to publish something non-legal like a sexy, post-apocalyptic pirate fantasy, having graduated from HLS will probably grease the printing press's wheels.  If he's going to attend ANY law school, it might as well be Harvard.

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