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My mistake. I was thinking of his father who I believe has a Ph. D in Economics if I'm not mistaken.

But come on guys. Harvard... Whoopdie doo.  I don't see what the big deal is.


Don't get me wrong. I respect your opinion. But why exactly can't you see Clark "as a suitable candidate for presidency?"
How is Barack, Edwards, or Clinton anymore qualified than Clark? Aside from the fact that they've all served in the Senate. Why do you presumptively assume that a Senator with a law degree (except for Obama) is anymore qualified than a retired four-star general who served as NATO Supreme Commander and oversaw extensive diplomatic and military endeavors? In fact, I'd argue that he's far more qualified than any of the leading candidates. And at a time when foreign policy and international relations have come to the political forefront.


All jokes aside, I forgot to mention that Wesley Clark was a Rhodes scholar. 

Just so you know.

Law School Admissions / Re: Medical school or Law school?
« on: May 30, 2007, 11:41:05 PM »

So you don't have what it takes to do a dual degree in law/medicine???

You're a pathetic loser...


And, by the way, the Neocons are nothing more than pawns for the Decepticon takeover of Earth. Cobra's in on it too. We can't let the 40,000 snake people race conquer Earth again with the help of evil robots.

I'm going a bit overboard but let me ask you something. Did anyone question Colin Powell's ability to serve as President because he was a mere 4 star general...?  Did anyone question his credentials and qualifications?   

I think not.

I think that Eisenhower, Marshall, and Washington have demonstrated that retired generals can be quite the statesmen. Add to that Clark's appeal to many fringe and centrist republicans. I don't think that we, as Democrats, should allow the issues to become so polarized that we end up losing to the likes of Bush or his like minded progeny.

We need to compromise people. Or we're going to end up missing out again in '08.

Law School Admissions / Re: Medical school or Law school?
« on: May 30, 2007, 11:17:01 PM »

Don't they have dual degree programs for that?

You should look into that...


This is far from a foolproof argument but I hope that you understand where I'm coming from..

Ummm, no. But has he somehow failed to acquire the heralded ambulance chasing skills that we take for granted in our politicians?  Could it be that the military doesn't instill that same sense of opportunism and self-interest that can only be found in our law schools and legislatures?  Granted, the military is not without its faults as well.  But isn't it the politicians who are essentially commanding the armed forces and our foreign policy?  Shouldn't they be judged and not our men and women serving to protect our national interest?   

Let me ask you something.  Couldn't you say the same exact thing about George Washington before he became a "founding father"?  Did he have anything else going for him, other than his military experience before the delegates convened in Philadelphia?  And unlike Wesley Clark, Washington committed some famous blunders in the French Indian War. And despite it, he emerged as arguably our country's greatest leader and commander-in-chief.

And how can you possibly say that Wesley Clark has no other "form of qualification[] other than [the] military."  He was the fuuccckking NATO SUPREME COMMANDER.  He has the support and allegiances of our Western European allies.  Shouldn't leadership, diplomacy, and international relations count for something?  I think you're kind of glossing over this man's credentials. Just because he's not a coward and opportunist, doesn't mean that he's not fit to serve as one of our country's foremost leaders. 

And you shouldn't discredit Wesley Clark's qualifications and competence just because he didn't practice licensed fraud.  Well, whatever you call an elitist, power hungry, and opportunistic profession that is largely driven by plea bargains and settlements.  There's a reason why a good proportion of public frowns upon lawyers and politicians, however misinformed you may make them out to be. I also feel that Clark has not been corrupted by the special interests and military-industrial complex, unlike so many others associated with the dOd.   

And, by the way, I suggested Wesley Clark as a Vice Presidential nominee.  I feel that he would greatly complement Hillary Clinton's domestic experience.  And, moreover, she has little if any foreign experience outside of her term in the Senate.  I also think that she has failed to demonstrate any great leadership skills.  I think the same can be said of Obama and Edwards. What have they really accomplished?  How are they any more worthy of a candidate?  Political experience can be gained outside of the legislatures. I think that military leadership and international diplomacy should count for something.  In fact, it's essential as the world becomes more and more globalized.

This is only one man's humble opinion but I think that you should rethink this one.

Give the man his due.


Former four-star general Wesley Clark is the Democrat's go to guy.  Does any other Democrat or Republican for that matter, have as much of a claim to being as competent and qualified in terms of national security?  He was NATO Supreme Commander for pete's sake.  He finished first in his class at West Point.  If I'm not mistaken, he was injured in Vietnam and received a Purple Medal.  He served our country for 32 years in uniform.

But on top of that, he has solid connections with the Clintons. He had their full-fledged endorsement in the 2000 Democratic nomination.  He also shares Arkansas roots with Billy Boy. 

He also has a very appealing personality and appearance.  I guess what he's missing is some kind of gimick.  He's not a woman, he's not a minority, he wasn't the mayor of NYC during 9/11, nor was he a prisoner in Vietnam.  I hope you understand my reasoning.  I don't mean to discredit the other candiates.

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