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So I've received a few offers from schools in the States - ranging in between ranks 20-100, and also from Windsor in Canada, and I'm in the midst of deciding. I've done a lot of research but I haven't come across anything too helpful or solid as of yet.

I don't mind living in either country, though transferability is a slight factor, and I have heard it is easier for Canadian law school grads to work in the States, as opposed to the other way around.

My goal is to work for a big firm on Bay St./Wall St., and the most important factors for me would be the likelihood of getting in, income (starting and progressive), and likelihood of making partner.

I have read that if you don't graduate in the top ranks from a T14 law school in the States, it would be extremely difficult to get into a big firm on Wall Street, or even make a significant income - what are your thoughts on this? Thus far, Washington University in St. Louis is the best school I've received an offer from (rank #23), and realistically I doubt I'll receive offers from any T14 schools.

From what I've gathered so far, I am leaning slightly more towards staying in Canada and attending Windsor - even though Windsor isn't exactly the best - as it seems I'd have the best chance (if I graduate in the top ranks) of getting into a big firm (on Bay Street).

Looking forward to your input, thanks guys!

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