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Distance Education Law Schools / Re: Mid-Atlantic School of Law
« on: December 14, 2014, 05:45:25 PM »
No, MASL is out of business.

Distance Education Law Schools / Re: Mid-Atlantic School of Law
« on: September 21, 2014, 06:00:27 PM »
If you don't like to speak disrespectfully of the deceased, then don't!

Distance Education Law Schools / Re: Mid-Atlantic School of Law
« on: September 18, 2014, 07:06:38 PM »
I guess you are right Delta!

Distance Education Law Schools / Re: Mid-Atlantic School of Law
« on: September 17, 2014, 04:19:45 PM »
I have tried to contact this school a few times and have received no answer.  Is this a typical response from MASL?
The Director of MASL, Dr. Baxter Paschal, has passed away.  The web page for MASL has been taken down and emails are returned to sender.

Hi Cobes....Ron (Leadfoot on here) phoned the director a few weeks ago, got him on the phone and talked to him.  Director said he had been in the hospital but was ok now.  He is slow at getting back to students (I do not know why)...but, recently I sent in my contracts assignment and got notice back right working on Evidence (almost done).  Usually, when you send in an assignment, you hear back within a week.  Please keep in touch....I sent you my email but if you did not get it, email me and I will re-send.

Distance Education Law Schools / Re: Mid-Atlantic School of Law
« on: October 31, 2013, 07:48:34 PM »
No...everytime I contacted them via email, I usually got a response within 2 days.

Distance Education Law Schools / Re: Distance Learning
« on: October 11, 2013, 07:47:21 PM »
Thanks for posting cusc!  I am a current distance learning via website and email and really enjoy it.  I don't have any aspirations of taking ANY bar...of course would have to jump through lots of hoops to do that anyway, and then probably would not happen.  I would eventually like to get into mediation/ADR.  Also do not need JD for that either but it helps.  I am the type of person who has difficulty reading it on my own...must have someone telling me what to do (homework, etc) and then do it.  I am in my second of three years and hope to be finished in about a year if all goes well...which includes Summers, of course.
Also, please do not get me wrong...I would never put the JD on a resume without full disclosure (although I am sure some would)...because it is wrong and in my opinion,, in some places not be legal.

Hey Ron...I forgot to mention that I also use the "Law School Survival Guides" which can be located via google or amazon.  I have all of them (except Family Law which is hard to find) on my Kindle and they really help.  They are fairly good outlines but somewhat lengthy.  Just wanted to mention them (they cost about $10 to download for Kindle but may be a bit more if order them directly due to shipping charges.
Hope you are doing well....I'm almost ready to send my Civil Procedure requirements in and will soon start on Contracts (I think that is where you are now, right?)

Hi again Ron!  Glad to hear from you again.  I live in Louisiana where it is especially difficult to attend ABA schools because all of them are in South Louisiana and I live in the central area (lots of money).  I am also retired, so study of law is sort of a "bucket list" thing for me.  I am almost ready to finish the Civil Procedure module and, like you, will start on the Contract module.  I already have the books and mp3...the mp3 I bought is Law School Legends with Epstein and it is very good if you understand "southern talk" (almost a language in itself).  Will keep in touch!  (Jim)

Hi Ron...good to hear from you!  I'll tell you how I am going about meeting expectations (and more) and then, maybe you can fill me in on what you are doing.  Basically, I am doing the outline as required from Gilbert's and then finishing the essay for each course.  Actually, though I don't feel that it is enough for me to learn the course well enough, so I also obtain MP3's for each course and outline those.  I also study each one as though I am to take an IRAC test on each with numerous hypo's and objective questions.  I also order a recent case book for each course, read the casebook and brief (color code) all of the cases as well.  To finish it off, I order the most recent "Examples and Explanations" books for each course and read them to obtain a better understanding of each course.
As I probably have mentioned here or elsewhere, I don't plan to attempt to take any bar (even if possible) so it is really for my own (enjoyment) as the reason I am at MASL.  Yes, I could read the law on my own, but I am the type of person that needs to be told what to study and MASL fits the bill for that purpose.  Of course, each person has own reasons for using a school such as MASL or Novus but that is mine.  As others have mentioned here, other schools (like many in California) would be better if want to attempt the Baby Bar or Bar Exam.  Hope you write back soon Ron!

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