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Why don't whites work harder in UG and on the LSAT so they don't need to female dog and moan about the coloreds stealing their spots?

Here's a thought: if you're white, and you want to go to Harvard, get a 3.8/175.  FFS, all you need for Cornell or Duke is a solid GPA and a 167, maybe even less.

I'll cry a river for rich white fratboys who goof their way through college when they stop being privileged slackers.

And I'm white, male, slacked my way through college, didn't adequately prepare for the LSAT, and paid the price wrt where I was offered admission.  I don't have much sympathy for the cause.

I don't think anyone wants white, privileged slackers to get preferential treatment in admission to law school, so I'm not sure why you're bringing it up. 

I agree that white people who want to go to Harvard law should work hard and get a 3.8/175.  In fact, I think everyone who wants to go to Harvard law should work hard and get a 3.8/175.  I don't think Harvard should admit any slackers at all!


The problem isn't just about working hard, it's about preparation before college as well. No matter how brilliant a student is, without the preparation, it's going to be hard for a kid who has had no access to AP or other college-prep/college-level classes in high school to catch up with a kid who has spent his whole lifetime in prep school and has been preparing for college since birth, almost.

I don't know why I'm feeding this troll- the urge to procrastinate is too strong.

The may be true at a handful of top schools, but lots of kids don't take any AP or college-prep classes in high school.  I didn't, and I graduated magna with two relatively difficult majors. 

I simply believe that the vast majority of people can do well in college if they actually spend a decent amount of time studying (and I don't mean cramming right before exams).  I'm deeply skeptical that many people who do poorly in college cared about doing well all that much or really put the time in.

I'm scratching my head at this thread on so many levels...

is this to imply that blacks (and not white women) are the largest beneficiaries of affirmative action?

is this to imply that blacks choose not to earn high GPA's and LSAT scores when its simply within their ability all along?

As I thought would be clear from my mention of the LSAT, I'm talking about law school admissions.  White women don't receive AA for law school admissions.

Earning a high UG GPA and LSAT score is largely just about working hard, so yes, it is within most everyone's ability.  It requires spending many nights with text books instead of friends, but most anyone can do it.

I don't understand why anyone, once admitted to a good undergraduate school, can't work hard and get good grades.

I would bet that you're wrong. How else can you explain the fact that the average black GPA is so much lower than the average white/asian gpa? Even at the same universities.

This is what I'm talking about.  If somebody can't get into college at all, that's a problem, but it's a topic for a different discussion.

In my experience, getting a high GPA in college is mostly about hard work.  If someone has a low GPA, I don't assume they're dumb--I assume they didn't work very hard.  The LSAT is not much different.  My initial scores were pretty bad, but I spent months working on the test and managed a decent score.

It seems like the obvious solution.

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