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After an agonizing few months I've decided to join the crew... most undoubtably due to Demingh  ;)

Law School Admissions / Rejected from Stanford on my Birthday
« on: April 30, 2007, 05:09:19 AM »
How awesome is that! le sigh.  :(


What did they do to you, Stan?

Oh, and I got my "grant" information today--25K.  Not as much as other schools, but still OK.  Should be sending in my deposit and housing info this weekend!

ugh. i'm jealous. i got my grant information too, and apparently columbia has as little love for me as nyu.

I love the boat we're in. Have you sent in your deposit yet?

What gym do the CLS students use? The undergrad gym on campus?

I have cloud jammies all ready!

ps hey squirrel!! I didn't know you were going! That's awesome!

Pickles, are you coming to CLS?

And Demingh, that was just the right thing to say.:)

Although I will probably freak out several times in the upcoming week, just a heads up.  Oy vey, I swear I'll be more frazzled over this than exams.  Um...maybe.

I don't know quite yet  :-\ I'm going back this weekend to decide on CLS v. NYU. There's a very big chance, though, and I'm a huge dinner-maker, brunch eater, cute coffee shop go-er, explorer, fun outings kinda person so I claim a spot in the fun if I do!  :)

The real question remains: "How do you feel about theme parties?"

Perfecto! A blacklight highlighter party = one of my best nights everrrr.

Hey Dem, I get to join in the strolling, chai drinking and pad-thai too, right?? :)

having discussed the situation in more depth with The Pickle, I changed my mind.

Come to Columbia.  ;D

I saw the title of this thread and thought, "I hate this because I'm going to have to honestly advise this person to go with GULC."  However demingh's opinion carries great weight with me, so I'm not going to opine, just wish you the best of luck with your decision.

::crosses fingers::

Why would you previously have said GULC?

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