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It was initially discouraging to get a 145 on my diagnostic,
but after 3 months of self-studying, I was psyched out to get a 173.
Well it's been a while, and the LSAT is over for me.
If anyone is interested in any of the following materials,
please send me an email at:

1) Kaplan LSAT PrepCourse
2) LSAT Guessing Strategy - Regression Analysis - Increase raw score
by 3-9 points
3) LSAT Secrets Ebook - score above the 90th percentile -
4) LSATs 7-48
5) LSATs explanation 1-40 by Kaplan
6) LSATs explanation 1-40 by Princeton
7) Logical Reasoning Bible (Powerscore)
8) Logic Games Bible (Powerscore)
9) Logic Games Ultimate Setup (Powerscore)
10) Nova RC
11) Logical Reasoning Odyssey (Testmasters)
12) All unreleased official LSATs: 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,17
13) Superprep by LSAC

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