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Thank you Legalized.
I recently moved to Denver from Toronto and I live in a smaller town a bit outside of Denver.  In the beginning it was rather difficult to get used to a smaller town but I absolutely love it.  That is the reason why I would like to chose smaller towns versus bigger towns in California or New York.
I am interested in criminal law but the problem is that I do not have much experience in the legal field, therefore I am not sure if that is the field that I would like to get into after I graduate from Law School. 
After I take the LSAT I am planning on visiting the school in order to get a better idea.  Right now I am solely concentrating on getting a good score.

Thank you very much for the replies.  I am actually thinking about applying to DU and SD is my next choice if I don't get accepted to DU.  To tell you the truth I have no clue where I would practice.  I live in Denver but if there are better prospects in SD, I am willing to relocate. 
The tuition is also much cheaper than DU.   I will definitely do more research and find out a bit more about the school.

Is anyone thinking about applying to USD for next year? What are your thoughts? Is it worth it?
I currently reside in Denver, Colorado and USD is my second choice after DU but I haven't read many reviews regarding it here.
I know it is located in a smaller town but I believe for me it would be a benefit since I would concentrate on my studies.  Besides, tuition and living expenses are cheaper than in other towns.  Other than that, I am not sure what other benefits USD offers.
Would I be able to find a job in Colorado after passing the Bar?

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