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Choosing the Right Law School / I want to be a...
« on: January 14, 2013, 09:41:59 PM »
Hello, before anyone replies about over saturated job market and T-14 attending only, Please read the information below:

I am currently an undergrad student studying finance at a very recognizable school in NYC. I have various banking/accounting internship exposure and a GPA that fluctuates between 3.6 and 3.7.

I DO NOT know how my LSAT looks like because I have never taken a practice test or real test. However I practice timing section 1-2 per day. If it helps my score overall fluctuates between 149-158 for now.

I have my mind set on attending law school after college. However I will not be doing so for the big law position straight out of school. I am very interested in obtaining either a judicial clerkship or getting a job as a prosecutor right after graduating from law school.

Can anyone advise what would be good steps for me to take in order to make that dream come true? I have looked at Brooklyn law, Seton Hall, Rutgers Newark that report amazing clerkship and public service(not to be confused with public interest)placements; However I find more and more posts during my research on the internet that constantly "*&^%" for the lack of a better word, on these schools. Plus recent employment stats of only 73% in Brooklyn law are scary to look at as well.

Can anyone recommend any schools that are very well known for placing their students into public service/judicial clerkships upon graduation? Preferable states where I would like to practice law once are graduate include, but not- limited to: New York, New Jersey, Pensylvania, Illinois, Massachusets and California.

Thank you in advance and apologeze for any confusion caused

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