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I took the LSAT twice.  162 (first), 166 (sept).  3.57 GPA.  I have a convincing addendum explaining the two scores, and I think schools will accept it.

I'm poor and I am debating whether it's worth the application fees for any of these schools.  I've done some research, but maybe I'm being pessimistic.  Could someone ballpark my chances?

Oh, and other things: EC's are about average (nothing spectacular), LOR's are good, personal statement isn't spectacular but it's well written.  I'm from South Carolina.

George Washington University
University of Texas
Georgetown PT
..any top 14?

Thanks a bunch.

Ok so I have 2 LORs already on LSDAS.  I'm done with my applications and ready to send them in.

That said, my two most recent and best LORs are still being written.  The professors are really slow to get things in, too, and possibly unpredictable.  They volunteered to write LORs without being asked, but they're also super busy.

So, what's the best decision now?  I know on some apps, I have to say which LORs are being sent/who is writing them.  I'm applying to a lot of schools so I'd like to work through LSDAS.

If I send the 2 that I already have, can I direct the schools to read over the newer LORs instead?  Will my application move from being towards the front of the pack to the back?


I assumed they meant 2 pages double or 1 page single.


It is probably worth calling and asking.

i sat down to write my PS and knew what i wanted to write about.  it's honestly a rather sad topic but i wanted to portray a more inspiring/life-altering side of it.  It's about how my best friend passed away in a car accident 4 days into my freshman yr in college (im now a senior) and how we had a slight falling out for many months before. the night before i went to college he reached out to settle things with me but it was like 11:00 pm and i was leaving for school at like 5 am the next day.  we spoke on the phone for 5 mins when he had to go do something and he said he'd call me back in a couple minutes and never did.  next thing i know he died and nothing was settled. it did teach me a lot of lessons about life and how to approach relationships/friendships with people and how it made me grow as a person, etc...there's a lot more to the story besides what i just briefly summarized but that's the jist. 

the problem i'm seeing with my PS at this most basic stage is that i want it to be more of a portrayal of how i was changed by this traumatic event then it is just me telling a story of what happened.  it was difficult to write bc of emotions and stuff and when i keep re-reading it i can't figure of what is insignificant enough to omit.  i also dont want it to be a sob story, i DO want it to evoke emotion in the reader but i dont want it to be obnoxiously tear-jerking. 

anyways, i would REALLY appreciate someone reading this and giving me their opinion on how to re-organize it in some way to make it more of a learning essay then a story-time essay.   thanks so so much.

p.s i can most definitely read someone's essay as well.

PM me it.  I'll give you my thoughts, but you'll want a better writer to read over it as well.

I am a little bit concerned about what you described, though.  Imo, a PS should not be merely about how you grew, but how you grew into a person that is going to make a capable attorney.  Others might disagree.

I'm pretty much done with my PS.  I feel like it's a relatively dense paper and I really can't see myself removing anything.  It's about 2.3 pages or so, 12" font, Times New Roman, double spaced, with 1" header/footers and 1.25" side margins.

Some schools ask very clearly for 2 pages, double spaced, with 12" font.  Just about all the schools I'm applying to in general ask for 2 pages.

Is it OK for me to decrease the side margins?  Change the font style?  Top/bottom margins?  Anything else?

Or, do I simply need to find some way to shorten it?

Apply to HYS / CCN / MVP if money is a factor.  You'll probably get a full ride somewhere.  You should probably also delete your first post when you send out apps.

Law School Admissions / Re: Order of documents?
« on: October 23, 2007, 09:55:45 PM »
Do you all think the order of the documents in your application package matters at all?  Are you paying any attention to how you arrange them?  I noticed they will appear in the order that you upload them.  I was thinking I wanted to put my personal statement first, resume second and then my GPA addendum third since it is the weak point of my application.  Does this matter?  Will they put it in a different order or read it as I submit it?

Probably doesn't matter much but I want to pay attention to as many details as possible since I really have my eye on one school.

I have a very short disciplinary addendum (drinking ticket ... I'm 27 now).  I originally thought it would be a good idea to follow the same order as you, but I'm beginning to think it would be good for them to not read my PS while thinking, in the back of their mind, what kinds of things I may have gotten in trouble for.  I think just ordering the attachments like they are on the app seems like a solid idea, though.

Of course there is a correlation.  It might not be a perfect one, but it obviously exists.

It looks more like -10 for a 170  .... I'm guessing they aren't counting one of the questions.


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