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Puncherofdonkeys - I'm still on the edge about this but starting to lean towards waiting. My fiance is well aware of the pros and certainly the cons.

On a better note a first year from MSCOL contacted me and I'm waiting for his valued thoughts.

After the wedding maybe I'll pawn some of the crap, accept for that naughty present from the wacky Good luck on the big day, my bachelor party is coming up and I think we are headed to Montreal, look out French speaking seperatisits! Irish-Americans are coming to town to abuse your alcohol and drink your women!...or something like that.

Well, I appreciate all the advice. Mississippi is not my first choice but that's another story.

The LSAT again? No, probably not.

One year of school and a bunch of debt and all those concerns, not an issue for me. I'd rather regret making a mistake than regret not taking a chance. If you never fail then you're not trying anything difficult.

30-50k in debt possibly for nothing? So what, that's the price of a nice car, I'll walk.

Believe me, I'd love to go to another school. If I come off some waitlists then who knows this might be a distant memory; a decision I was faced with and didn't need to make.

Anyways, I did find some advice useful, or at least it helped me think. Their are always doom and gloom people, some call themselves realists and others pessimistic, they can only think geometrically or in other words, they lack vision.

I've been leaning towards staying another year but it makes me cringe, I think it might come down to how much my employer will pay me. By the way, yes they know I want to leave and I will only be there for another year. I have no reservations about telling them I'm leaving and if they want me to stay for another year, I need to be paid more.
They need me much more than I need them at this point.

Botbot and Gwiz,thanks for the input.


For those who don't want to read this see below:

A)Go to Law School, screw the job
B)Save some money then go next year


If your willing to read on, see below:

So I had all but decided to go to Mississippi College this fall until today when I gave them another deposit. I called my boss and told her my plans and she said if you would stay and take a promotion I would pay you more money and you'd have a better job. My first reply was no, I am more interested in going to Law School than I am working in my current field. Here is where it gets complicated.

07/07/07 I am getting married and spending a small fortune. I'd get back from the honeymoon and have three weeks before I need to move to another state an start school leaving my then wife behind in NY for the next 9 months with occasional visits on 1 or 2 weekends and different holidays. I'd be taking out loans for school and starting with only 5k in my account for whatever I might need that loans wouldn't cover.

The other option I have is to take the job I was offered today for more money and defer my enrollment for yet another year. If I did that, I'd have an entire year with little expenses and save about 1500k per month (maybe more) for the next 12 months. When all is said and done I'll have saved enough money to pay for my first year of LS out of pocket or at least part of a few semesters.

The me factor; I am tired of waiting to go to school again and I don't want to waste another year waiting to go to Law School. My job is somewhat satisfying for the moment but I'm bored with it, and even though it keeps me busy and I'm very good at it, I am uninterested most of the time. My fiance would prefer I stay for the year and then go but she said she's cool with whatever I do.

All this considered anyone have some thoughts?

Thanks for reading.

Waitlist2010:  Well said, should I go, I hope your correct. Thanks again for the input and insights, if I find myself at MSCOL in the fall I'll be sure to keep an open mind as I adjust.

St. Thomas is a small school in a big market (South Florida) that has many other schools to compete against. It is also the worst of the schools it is competing against. I've read some decent reviews from those who go there but I can't speak from experience. I did hear the school is located in a dodgy area though. Also, I think the Job Placement tends to suck. I chose to stay away from them.

Waitlist2010: I have a sister in Houston, TX but no one in MS. My fiance might come with me should I decide to go but that's another matter all together. I guess my hesitation at the moment with attending MSCOL is the culture shock and the fact that it's in Jackson. If I go I'll work my ass off to get back to NY but I know I can't count on that happening. For that reason I am seriously undecided and need to make a decision by Tuesday. I'm waitlisted at Albany, NY right now but I feel like time is running out and I might just be screwed. MSCOL isn't a bad school, I just don't like the idea of living down there for a year or dealing with the whole culture shock.

Anyways, here is some more info:

The Admissions Director Hope Weaver was very helpful. I told her about my Fiance possibly moving down but in need of a job in the legal community (currently she works in pre-trial release for our local county Bar Association) and she gave me the name of someone to call in their job placement department who will reach out to Alumni in the area and find her a job in the field. I thought that was a really nice offer and very helpful.

A recent grad told me about a class that is offered between 1st and 2nd semester each year, and before the start of summer classes that runs for about 2 weeks. She said it was a four credit class that is very intense but well taught. If I recall correctly it had something to do with moot trials and evidence or presenting evidence in a trial....something like that. Anyways, it seemed like a good class to get into if your one who wants to lighten the load during a semester and don't mind working hard now to have more time later.

The last thing that i can recall is some info on the small but very nice student center where there is an auditorium and cafateria. I didn't get to see the auditorium but the cafetaria was nice. Aparently it is a small cafe serving sandwiches and other breakfast / lunch type fo foods. There is also a mini-Starbucks in there that operates during certain hours I think.

That all I can recall for now. If anyone has more info please add it.

I visited MSCOL this week and here is my review....

The Law School itself is pretty small. It is situated in the heart of Jackson which isn't much to look at but not bad. It reminds me of Syracuse. The school occupies two building which used to be 3 but are now connected. The building is historic although the extensive renovations inside and out make it look new. Parking is abundant and security is out in force. I didn't go around down town much but it seemed ok, not quite a book metropolis but not small town hell hole either. The suburbs range from poor to very nice. One is north of the city near a lake and it was very nice and had easy access to the main routes into Jackson. There seemed to be plenty of restaurants and other places to go and hang out in that suburb and a few others near the main campus.

The library is being renovated so I didn't get a chance to see it however I was told it has many good materials on hand and a large collection of electronic books. I was told that the main campus has a much larger library (more on that campus to come). The lecture halls and moot court are well equipped with electronics and other media ports and outlets. Each classroom is pretty large with tiered seating and what seemed like comfortable chairs.

The main campus I spoke of is in a decent suburb called Clinton. The main campus was nice and pretty large. It covered quite a bit of ground and the buildings were all quite large. It reminded me of the University of Rochester or Syracuse University. All law students have full access to the main campus and everything it has, even the housing.

The housing outside of campus is generally in the suburbs. Don't look in the city, it has some apartments but they are generally sub-standard and over priced. Besides the area where they are needs a boost. Apartments in the suburbs, like the one mention by the lake which I think might be called Lake Land, are much better and well priced. Most apartments give discounts to Law Student and the Dean of admissions and the admissions office personnel can all recommend you to apartments owned by alumni and often rented to students at a discount of about 5%-10%.

Overall, the school was nice and the professors seemed very intelligent and well practiced. The assistant dean was a nice guy who was educated at Penn State and NYU. He told me about clerkships given this year to the top 5 1ls in the school that paid $1600 per week and other paid internships and clerkships given to about 50% of the students. I am still undecided on the school as I want to stay in NY or transfer back if possible but if you like MS then it is a good school to go to. We'll see what happens.

I'd post more but my laptop is about to quit on me.



I work for the Staples headquarters and used to work for TYCO / ADT. I spoke to execs at both companies on a regular basis and in some of our meetings I would mention that I am planning to go to Law School. When asked which school I want to go to I usually say Buffalo or maybe Albany. In almost every case I hear the same reply " Oh Albany!? Wow, isn't that one of the best schools in NY? You'd be in a great position if you went there." I guess they never heard Cornell or the other Tier 1 and 2's.

I agree with who ever said that prestige can only take you so far. My uncle (the product of a free ride to Harvard) made around 2 million on a case against Schlagle Lock Company,after come cocaine binges and drunken car accidents he has surprisingly kept his license and now does cheap (often free) family court proceedings. 

Waitlisted at Roger Williams U in RI. No big deal I suppose.

Have any of you sent letters to the schools that waitlisted you? I'm thinking about sending some things to Albany to express my continued interest. Academically nothing has changed for me since sending my application, I have gotten a  decent job since then and I'm getting married in July. Any suggestions, what are all of you doing?

I think what I might need to do is visit the schools. St. Thomas wants a deposit by Friday the 4th but I think if I say I want to see it first they will extend the deadline. I was talking to my bro about the possibility that maybe I will decide I don't like LS, what if that happens I asked. He put it in perspective, 'how much could you lose in one year? the price of a new car? People have made worse mistakes.' Thats a good point to an unlikely situation. I've found that I do well at just about anything I really set out to do. Not sure why this didn't happen with the LSAT hence my dilemma, but I did rock my undergrad and my job is begging me not to leave. Anyways, any more insight would be great, thanks for the replies I've gotten so far. Everything has been helpful and I didn't get any of the common 'MSCOL or St. Thomas? How about Kill self, that seems like the best option.' So thanks again for that.

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