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Online Law Schools / Re: Online Law Grad Denied Admission in Georgia...
« on: January 10, 2013, 05:21:25 AM »

Good. Online grads shouldn't be admitted anywhere.

Fortunately, but with exception, the law says differently. I sincerely hope you're not an Attorney, because that kind of snobbish dinosaur thinking is exactly what needs to die out of the legal profession, and quite frankly the world in general.

I hold a law degree from Harvard and a law degree from an online law school (Concord). The online law school program I undertook had its share of issues, but none of them had to do with it being an online program, and many of those issues were also experienced while I was at Harvard. No method is perfect; both methods have a number of pros that make each a viable method, and both share a number of similar cons. But without ever studying in an online program, you would have no real experience with its contrasts and comparisons.

Every law school is using practically the same materials and course set-up whether its online or brick-and-mortar (and that actually applies to all fields of study, not just legal). The only people who don't know that are people who've never been involved in online education and therefore have no business speaking on the matter.

The concepts of common sense and general fairness provide the following understanding: If you pass all of the same prerequisites as students of other educational methods, you should have the opportunity to sit for the bar exam. If you pass the bar exam then no one should question you since passing the bar exam is the requisite measure to becoming a practicing Attorney no matter where or how you earned your law degree, end of story. Any other view on it is simply mired in snobbery and obsolete thinking that is slowly dying, but thankfully dying as it should.

Education is not about name brands and isolation to singular methods; that thinking comes from the small-mindedness of elitist nitwits who wish to continue living in their plastic, lifeless, just-so worlds. Education is about learning, and then having the opportunity to demonstrate ability gained from learning. How both of those things happen can happen in many ways, not just sitting in an overpriced building.

To sum up, when you make absurd, backward-thinking comments like the one I quoted above, you do so without realizing that you're actually against the very concept of what education is supposed to be about. Nevertheless, I'm afraid that my indicating it to you will fall on deaf cement-filled ears since old ways of thinking die hard, and with that oldness comes a greater inability to hear...

P.S. Yes, I realize the comment I'm replying to is over 3 years old, but if I just read it now then how many others will newly read it without having a fair and balanced perspective on the matter? Fairness and balance is what my reply is providing. Thank you.

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