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Villanova / Re: Contrast Temple, Drexel and Villanova
« on: May 28, 2011, 12:19:41 AM »
After reading through the whole post and ready to share my experiences in Philadelphia at Temple undergrad and my opinion on the law schools I see the post is from 2009. lol. Hope he picked the right school!

Villanova / *******Class of 2014!!!! Come forth!!!**********
« on: May 28, 2011, 12:16:13 AM »
Hi all! Just thought I'd start the thread for those accepted and planning to attend Villanova Law in the Fall of 2011! I just recently got accepted and am 99% sure I'll be there in the Fall. Any undergrads or current 1L+ students have the scoop on best residential options for 1Ls? I'm probably looking for small apartment/house to share with a couple of roommates. Feel free to share any other ideas/questions/comments!


HaciM36, I would go to the highest ranked school, ceteris paribus.  A month back one of the partners at my work place made a joke about Villanova's LSAT reporting. I thought the guy was just busting chops since he was a Temple grad but it seems Villanova Law reported bogus LSAT & GPA figures for classes prior to 2010.  I had no idea, until I googled it recently. What I have heard from my colleagues is that, Villanova's clinics are not at the same level as Temple and Rutgers. Just thought I'd give my 2 cents on decision 2011.

Yea, I just added the facebook page.

Very interesting updates for me recently and very ironic you mentioned Villanova. After being admitted to Stetson they had a financial aid live chat session online Thursday from 5-6pm where admitted students could ask financial aid officers any questions they had about seeking assistance. As the chat session begins I'm just following the flow of the conversation as a lurker and seeing what other students are looking into as I admit I haven't really gotten to the meat of looking into financial aid. I just know I need it. lol. Anyways I'm just browsing around and see an update from Villanova in my inbox after being wait listed....Lo and behold I was accepted!

I was pretty much in shock and never expected to go from wait listed to accepted and I'm 99% sure I'll be there in the Fall.  I did read about that false reporting of scores recently and if you got to Villanova's website they comment on the recent problem but I don't think it was a "scandal" or anything crazy that would tarnish the school's reputation in the long term.  My mother still works in the court system in Doylestown and was really hoping I'd get into Temple or Nova partly because the vast majority of lawyers are from those 2 schools and occasionally a Widener grad. Also, as I mentioned before the location would be ideal for me and especially when I compare that to moving to Florida although that would have been one hell of a adventure for law school down there. Anyways, just thought I'd share the good news.

I was actually surprised I didn't get into Drexel and seems like they are really trying to play "catch up" to the other Philly law schools in too short of a time period with their requirements. But I definitely waited to the last minute to apply which I know is one if not the single worst thing you can do when applying lol. I'm confident it would have been much different had I applied back in October. However, I'd expect their school to require something like a 3.4 median GPA and a LSAT of 154. Then gradually increase their standards if they wanted to draw some of the higher intellectual pool from Temple, and Nova. But then again what do I know about starting a law school lol. I still might end up trying to transfer to Temple after my first year for a few reasons including that I went their for undergrad, the $ is so much cheaper, and the school is getting better every year. I wouldn't be surprised at all if it works its way into the top 30 schools in the country in a few years. Then again I might completely fall in love with Nova and never want to leave.

Anyways, I'll probably check in on this forum from time to time if anyone has any feedback or questions for me. I wish everyone the best of luck in the TAP program for Widener and any accepted students that are definitely going to Widener in the Fall whether it be Harrisburg or Wilmington!


Stetson / Residential Options
« on: May 21, 2011, 02:25:34 AM »
I was wondering if any current 1L+ students or graduates could fill me in on the best options as far as housing for a prospective student. I've briefly looked over the school's website and I see that they have single dorms if people would prefer but I'm not so sure I feel like going back into the dorm setting after living in an apartment for my last 2 years of undergrad unless the $ was significantly cheaper to live in a dorm than off campus housing/apartment some where. I know the best people to ask are the students who can provide the best and nicest most affordable locations that they wished they lived their first year if only they knew about it then?

Any recommendations for a 25yr old single male. I prefer to be close enough to walk to campus or at least a short drive away. I don't have any children or pets and don't smoke. Ideally I'd like an affordable single apartment but if anyone has had a great experience sharing an apartment/house with a few other law students where did you live? I don't mind living with other people but I tend to be a little more introverted than most and don't mind staying in on a Friday and Saturday nights. Then again I don't mind going out as long as it's not every Friday/Saturday of the month. Especially when it comes to studies I'm focused 100% Monday through Friday.  Sunday for me is about getting ready for the week ahead and back into study mode although I'm sure I'll be reviewing/reading/studying most of the time on Saturdays as well. I'm going to law school to get good grades, period. I studied and worked my ass off a lot more than most of my friends did in undergrad and although they have great memories of the frat and party life I have a great transcript with excellent grades to always submit with a resume when I needed to and that definitely helps. And I'm glad I never wasted the $ spent for a 4 year degree. I plan on doing the same in law school. So that being said any students or graduates that can help? It's greatly appreciated!

Well now I have at least another option. After getting rejected at Temple and Drexel, wait listed then rejected from Penn State, and waitlisted at Villanova I just found out I got accepted to Stetson University in....get ready for this...FLORIDA!.

I applied there in addition to Mercer University just because I went to Temple for undergrad and being from the Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton area I kinda regretted not going to undergrad farther away from home as a lot of my closest friends went to D.C., Tennesee, Maine, Rhode Island, etc. Part of that was probably because I never got super excited about leaving home since I had such a great time in high school but it is what it is. So now, I at least have the option of going to a higher ranked school albeit 1000 miles from Pennsylvania. Soooo we'll see. I'm still waiting to hear back from Villanova. They recently asked for my resume which I thought they had in the first place so I'll take that as a good sign they are looking at my application again after waitlisting me. If I got into Villanova I'd almost definitely go there. Only time will tell.

I'd attribute that to location obviously. Being in the heart of Wilmington the "corporate capital of America" as some proclaim the Delaware students are competing for positions with all the Philly grads where those setting up shop in or around Harrisburg are competing with Penn State grads and anyone from the eastern or western schools moving towards central PA...which I dont think is nearly as many.

Getting wait-listed is a nightmare. I am in limbo about forking up the $400 deposit for Widener, in case I get into Temple. I was a bit apprehensive about applying to Drexel Law considering it only recently  got ABA accredited and is not a member of AALS.  I believe, a lot of good law schools require transfer students to be from schools who are ABA accredited and members of AALS. If, you have any thoughts about transferring later on you should think about this.

Tell me about it. I can't blame the schools for the seat reserve price as a seat for a full year is a lot of money coming into them.  I reserved my seat just in case but if I don't end up at Widener I'll miss that $400. lol Drexel is ABA accredited. If I transfer I'll be looking to transfer to Tempole or Villanova before Drexel. I dont know we'll see.

I've been accepted to Widener Harrisburg campus for Fall 2011. I got rejected from Temple and waitlisted at Villanova. Still waiting to hear back from Drexel. If I get in there most likely I'll end up going there in the Fall. I went to Temple for undergrad and am from the Allentown/Bethlehem area so Philly calls to me a little more than Harrisburg. But as of now it seems likely I'll be going to Harrisburg in the Fall. Can't speak for housing or for the campus life of Harrisburg but I guess I'll be looking into getting an apartment or town house with several ppl.

I don't understand who would be worried about someone cheating off of you. The LSAT is an extremely tough and expensive exam. Also, unless you know the person sitting next to you and how well you "think" they will perform it's your chances are less than optimal to sacrifice your own effort in an attempt to copy off someone sitting near you who may or may not do worse than you. Unless you have a complete moron who is just taking the test for the hell of it and is going in there with an agenda to copy off someone else I wouldnt worry about it too much. Even if that person did somehow "succeed" and was able to obtain a higher score from what he/she would have been able to do on their own, most likely they won't survive law school anyways and will fail out.

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