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hey, latin.. i think ur roomie has a tough decision ahead.. the worth can defintely be worth it.. but the issue is, would he get into those schools? he already has a good LSAT score.. so obviously, we know what the issue is! depending how he tries to fix it up and make it seem i guess not as harsh as it is (but again, i dont know what it is) i think the worth would be worth it tho.. bc he would still get into those schools next year.. i would assume that the schools he got into have not cared too much about the misdemeanor! LOL!

in other news.. what do you guys think of chapman if i want to practice in the OC area??? apparantly, i just got accepted.. but i am still thinking of doing my MBA first... ahhh! but it was one of the schools i was initially interested in.. does anyone here who is going or goes there have any suggestions or info on its attrition/job rate???

thanks guys!

hey, i decided to wait as well also.. no point in going to a school i am not 100% excited about! so i am going to do a masters in the meantime

FWIW cali had the best personal statement out there! you will defintely have an excellent chance of getting in this time around.. and u can always retake the LSAT for a third time if u wanted.. keep ur head up!

Studying for the LSAT / Re: LR Question
« on: June 21, 2007, 01:59:01 PM »
yes, the question did suck! the gmat authors are not usually this err.. stupid.. this question was pretty ambiguous.. but i guess if they were thinking like chris.. then that clarifies at least where they got there answer from.

thanks alot for all ur input!!!

Studying for the LSAT / Re: LR Question
« on: June 21, 2007, 11:32:59 AM »
well, i am studying for the GMAT.. and thanx to the LR bible, i am getting 90% on the LR questions.. which are very similar to the LSAT.. i just wanted to post this here bc u guys seem to be LR pro's! haha.. but yes.. i could not even believe this was an Official GMAT question!

Studying for the LSAT / Re: LR Question
« on: June 21, 2007, 11:30:53 AM »
lol! woops.. i will try this again

TCR is D

i initially thougth it was E bc money, is irrelevant.. obviously country S could have more or whatever

source:  Official GMAT Prep Guide 10

i just foudn this to be the WORST question ever!!!

Studying for the LSAT / LR Question
« on: June 20, 2007, 07:05:10 PM »
hey, just wondering if u guys could help me out.. what r ur feelings on this answer and why??
i will post TCR soon with my reasons... i thought this was a simple question.. apparantly not! LOL!


A greater number of newspapers are sold in Town S than in Town T. Therefore, the citizens of Town S are better informed about major world events than are the citizens of Town T.

Each of the following, if true, weakens the conclusion above EXCEPT:

(A) Town S has a larger population than Town T.
(B) Most citizens of Town T work in Town S and buy their newspapers there.
(C) The average citizen of Town S spends less time reading newspapers than does the average citizen of Town T.
(D) A weekly newspaper restricted to the coverage of local events is published in Town S.
(E) The average newsstand price of newspapers sold in Town S in lower than the average price of newspapers sold in Town T.

congrats ray.. ur SOO LUCKY!!
i would go 100%!!and knowing how much u want to go there.. 100% go!! i mean, you can make up the class in summer.. and then go full time after that.. i also heard of ppl switching to FT a week into school.. bc ppl always drop out/quit!!

ur getting instate tuition.. so that is like a 15k scholarship (at least!) woot woot!!! enjoy ur time there;)

whatt?? u mean to tell me that none of the other law schools are 'for profit'
ohhh.. well that explains everything then! LOL!

i am pretty sure all the schools care about are 1-making money and 2-having solid stats...

i kind of think it is a joke that FCSL is sending out emails to individuals who have not applied and offering them a scholarship just based on numbers alone.. i mean, what kind of 'professional' attitude is this?  i actually think it is a pretty decent school, but just after hearing about the way they run this school.. as if they are recruting star athletes before they have even seen them play.. really makes my decision about not going there MUCH MUCH easier!!! IMO this is just outright tacky!

on a side note.. i somehow managed to snag STANLEY CUP playoff tickets to game 6.... im kinda jacked!!! haha;)

juah.. where do u want to live? work? u said u hated being in the 'middle of nowhere' yaa.. valpo is kinda that.. but u can get around easily if u have a car and all that.. why didnt u apply to chicago schools?? if u got 5K from capital, u prob could have applied to some schools in desirable locations for urself...
i think, ur job prospects at both schools would be even depending on how u do in LS.. in columbus ur competing against OSU grads and case grads... valpo.. if u wanna go to chicago u have all those grads! this is a hugeee decision for u, i would say those schools are even!!! u should email some lawyers.. look up law firms and all that!!!

good luck;)

goin to watch my boys play.. boo yaa!!!

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