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I shouldn't have thrown that 1300 out kinda came from nowhere.  I thought thats what they said at the ASW, but that was before they knew what company/model they were going with...maybe it will end up being less.

I thought they said something at the ASW about keeping the price at 1300?  Could be wrong about that though, it was awhile ago.

I'll wait and see what the price is before I get all uppity about it...maybe they are going to end up being a good deal after all...maybe.  I was going to have to buy a new computer anyway and I suppose this just saves me some time.

I'll probably go with the D630.  I was excited about getting a thinkpad, but a cursory glance at what people are saying about the D630 on the old internets has calmed me down a seems to be a pretty well received machine.


I really wanted a Thinkpad.

$1500 for those Thinkpads isn't even all that great of a deal to begin with

isn't it 1300?

I don't really mind the program...right now I just have an ibook and was going to need a new laptop anyway, and from my minimal research, I think it's very likely I would have ended up buying a thinkpad, so really they're just saving me a few hundred bucks and a trip to  But I can see how it would bother someone who already has everything they need.

Law School Applications / Re: too honest with U of Minn?
« on: April 26, 2007, 05:56:37 PM »
If you are accepted already, don't worry about it.

If you aren't and this was a phone call meant to gauge your interest after being deferred or waitlisted, I'd say it depends.  You probably think it went worse than it actually did, but if you would seriously consider attending and feel like you didn't make that clear, you could shoot off an email to admissions to be safe.  

Has anyone been able to set up their email?  It keeps telling me my info. is wrong when I try to do it...

Wasn't that international advisor's presentation one of the most painful things you've ever seen?

Yeah...I felt pretty bad for her.  She'd only been hired like the week before though...she started out pretty strong, but had a weird way of dealing with losing her train of thought.  The total silence thing...really in that situation I think you have to just turn to the people behind you and ask for a little help instead of letting the silence drag on like that.  But I'm sure she'll have it all down pat the next time she has to do it.  All in all, I thought the rest of the panel did a bang-up job.  They all seemed super friendly and approachable...I imagine I'll be talking to them a lot while I'm there.

I know they are pretty crunched at this point when it comes to scholarship money...maybe as more people withdraw it will free some more dollars up?  Did you get offers from WUSTL and U of I, and if so, did you let UMN know about them?

I can't think of anything else you can do but be persistent...if you won't go without $$, you have nothing to lose by bugging the heck out of 'em.

Thanks for all the advice everyone-

Splits, those lofts on Washington look incredible...a little pricey for just me though.  Their other properties are more within my budget, so thanks for the link!

Scratch that Seven Corners business...I just called and they said they have a waitlist 4-5 pages long...yikes.  I'm not too interested in the Grand Marc, but maybe I can still find something in the area.

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