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Law School Admissions / Re: Is an undergrad public school a handicap?
« on: August 08, 2007, 11:15:38 AM »
I attended the University of Iowa and I'm wondering if schools will look at me askance for it, as opposed to an undergrad candidate from Harvard or MIT.

My worry is that they'll consider it "easy," despite my 4.0 GPA.  What do you think?  Did anyone get into Harvard or Yale from a state school?

I know someone who got into both Yale and Harvard and attended a public school for undergrad.  Just get good grades, study for the LSAT, and get to know a few professors well.


Thanks for the reply MCB.

Did you or squirrel ask to receive your housing assignment early for any reason?


I'm so jealous!!

Has anyone received an assignment for general UAH housing (not law school housing)?


They're pretty!

Not as pretty as you.   :-*

What's with all the tars of flowers? 

Because my mommy always says I am a beautiful and delicate flower.

Your mommy is a smart woman. 

Sheesh.  Can't even take the time to flirt with us separately?

And thanks :)


They mailed me two folders -- one to my current address and one to my permanent address, because the folders were sent at around the time my current address was no longer valid according to my application.  You should call again and hope someone else answers the phone.

If it makes you feel better, I never received an email confirmation of my deposit, and I sent it in mid-April.



Slower than molasses, but much less sweet.


Forget cheese.

It's all about the melting chocolate.

Law School Admissions / Re: Importance of Undergrad University
« on: May 23, 2007, 03:26:29 PM »

Stats for the 2006-7 admissions year:

Total enrollment 1668 from 255 UG schools.
(Here are all the schools with more than 30 students attending.)

1) Harvard: 241 (14% of school24)
2) Yale: 113 (7%)
3) Stanford: 79 (5%)
4) Penn: 57 (3%)
5) Princeton: 54 (3%)
6) Brown: 48 (3%)
7) Berkeley: 48 (3%)
8) Columbia: 46 (3%)
9) Cornell: 45 (3%)
10) Duke: 41 (2%)
11) UCLA: 39 (2%)
12) Darthmouth 35 (2%)
13) Georgetown: 32 (2%)

The 242 other UG's comprise just under half of the Harvard population.

Let's not forget self-selection.

As someone who went to a public, and not elite, university and has been exceptionally happy about the outcome of my law school applications process, I'm really happy I went to a cheaper undergrad and now only have one round of ivy league debt in my future.  In my (biased and not based on much) opinion, people should to an undergrad where they'll be happy and get good grades --  then kick some LSAT ass, and they'll be set.

Besides, if you go to the undergrad of your choice and it's not good enough for the law school of your choice, maybe you don't want to be at such a pretentious place anyway.

Hey, who did people pick as their loan provider? Citi or Access (or other)?

I'm a little late to the party because my taxes still aren't done for the FAFSA >:(, but I'm told they'll be done by tomorrow and I'm filling out loan apps this week. Who'd you choose and why?

Total Higher Education.  I used this mortgage calculator to determine how much interest I would pay for the amount of loans I expect to take over the number of years I hope to pay them back.  I tried a few scenarios just in case I end up with more debt for more years, and compared Citi, AccessGroup, and THE.  THE won the battle for most of my scenarios.  They were also very helpful when I called with questions, and apparently if you miss a payment and lose the reduced interest rate, it's really easy to get it back. 

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