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Hello there,

As the title suggests, I'm just looking at your opinions as to what LSAT score I'll need to be accepted into the schools I'm looking at. I've always considered law school, but it wasn't my main plan until this past summer. I'm a sophomore this year, and blew last year off, leaving me with a 2.773 GPA. That being said, now that I'm planning on going to law school, this semester I'll most likely get a 4.0. If I manage 4.0s from here on out, I'll be graduating with a 3.69, which is not great for the schools I'm looking at. If I don't do quite that well, I believe my minimum graduating GPA will be 3.36. I'm majoring in Psychology with double minors in Philosophy and Political Science.

Ideally, I get accepted into a joint JD/PhD program at Stanford, but I'm well aware the odds are against me for that. Financially, that is one of the few ways I would be able to attend.

Anyways, for a GPA of 3.36 what LSAT score do you think I would need to be accepted into Stanford, Yale, Harvard, Columbia, and Duke?

And What would you suggest my LSAT would need to be to get accepted to the above schools with a GPA of 3.69?

Fully expecting to need a 175+ for most(if not all) of the schools.

Of course, they look at more than GPA and LSAT, but those would be the primary factors I believe. The only other things that might give me preference would be being a 1st generation college student, son of a Veteran, and an Eagle Scout. But I'm not sure if private schools or graduate schools in general look at that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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