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Hi all! 

I recently got my scores back from the October LSAT and ended up scoring lower than I had hoped.  On my practice tests I had been scoring consistently scoring 160 flat (by consistently I mean I scored the same on the past 4 tests I had taken timed). I received a  156 on my actual LSAT.  The average margin for the schools I am interested in is somewhere between 163-165.  I have a strong 3.7 GPA and am not sure what my next steps should be.  I am only a second semester junior and have the benefit of time, however I have already taken a prep course through Kaplan.  Would it be worth the time and money to enroll in another prep class?  I am concerned that because I have already taken an "introductory" type LSAT class that it would be a bit of a bore to sit through one again.  Has anyone had experience in this type of situation or could recommend a specific type of prep work?  I am pretty set on re-taking the test. 

I have also considered private tutoring however its a little out of my budget right now.  I can't afford to spend anymore than $1200 on this next prep session. 

Any thoughts/resources are much appreciated!

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